Headwear for cold weather is an accessory that’s easy to style. They’re not only protective gear but also give you enough style reasons to wear them. However, beanies are not regarded highly by the fashionistas. Being fashionable and functionable, beanies are the ultimate fall staple every guy should have. Though they’re some “throw-and-go” item, knowing how to wear a beanie can prevent you from looking like a goofy.

Beanies go perfect with suits, shirts, and tees. All you need is getting the right beanie. Here, we’ve discussed some mens beanie styles that will help you look stylish regardless of your outfit.

Different Types of Beanies for Men

Traditional Beanie

Traditional beanies are thin and simple looking beanies. They have cuff and made with thin wool or cotton.

Bobble Hat

how to wear a beanie

Bobble hats come with a pom-pom. These hats may look childish but they’re not out of style. Find a modestly-sized bobble hat that doesn’t have many patterns to wear it like a man.

Fisherman Beanie

how to wear a beanie

Fisherman beanie features a cuff. They sit much above your ears. Apart from being a fall headgear-of choice among hipsters, it’s also a great option for workwear.

Beanie with Brim

Image Credit: favecrafts.Com

Brimmed beanies look more like caps. From the style perspective, we do not recommend you to wear this type of beanies.

Slouchy Beanie

Slouchy beanies have some extra fabric at the rear of your head. These types of beanies ensure comfort and promote airflow.

Image Credit: CoolBeanieHats.Com

Amazing Ways to Wear a Beanie

How to Wear a Beanie Casually?

Lace-up boots, a pair of jeans, or a bomber jacket, when paired with this woolen item, can become a fashionable outfit for winter. Or, pull off a crew-neck tee and chino to make your athleisure outfit. Generally, beanies are meant to wear casually. So, you’re free to choose any beanie with your casual attire. Wear your favorite sunglass to spruce up your fashion statement. If you dress casually in this way, you will end up appearing stylish and not sloppy.

how to wear a beanie

How to Wear a Beanie in a Street Styled Way?

The appeal of beanies has always remained steadfast when it concerns streetwear. As the temperature falls, bomber jackets or hoodies fit best with beanies. If the weather is not too cold, replace the bomber jacket with a denim jacket. Below are some street style inspiration for wearing beanies.

Image Credit: OutfitTrends.Com

How to Wear a Beanie for Office?

Although beanies reflect causal styles, yet you can definitely choose to wear it with a coat. Just pair it with the right items to get a smart look. Opt for a neutral-colored knitted, and simple beanie to look sophisticated. If you wear it with a scarf, twirl the scarf around your neck and let the ends hang from your shoulder. Follow this style to wear beanies for the office too.

If your office attire is to wear a suit, create a monochromatic look with a black or grey suit, black turtleneck sweater, and a black beanie. Wear a tight beanie lower down your head for a chic and office-appropriate look.

Image Credit: Urbanmenoutfits.Com

How to Wear Beanies with Sweaters?

Sweaters are a good choice for both formal and casual outfits. In fact, they’re the middleman between these two. When you’re confused about which type of sweater to pick, play safe with V-neck sweaters. This can give you a professional image. And, if it’s mainly for dating or some other casual occasions, get ready to go with a crew neck sweater. But, when you’re choosing beanie with sweaters, wear them in a David Beckham style. (We’ll discuss this style later in the blog).

how to wear a beanie

How Can I wear a Beanie with Shorts?

Shorts are a summer staple that can boost your casual wear to perfection. Find well-fitted neutral color shorts to wear with your beanie. For the upper part, you can pull off a tee. Layer it up with a regular fitted sleeveless denim jacket for a mature aesthetic. This outfit can easily take the center stage creating a laid-back style.

how to wear a beanie

Some of the Best Outfits for Beanies

Beanies can be worn with almost any clothes. However, these combinations look elegant and smart.

1. Olive green cardigan and brown trouser

Olive green beanie

2. Grey sweater, grey jacket, and a pair of navy blue trousers

Grey beanie

3. Dark grey trench coat and a pair of cuffed jeans

Grey, black, or a blue beanie

4. Camel coat, khaki checked vest, and brown trouser

Maroon or deep brown beanie

Which Beanies Suit Which Outfit?

Casual: Long Coat, Bomber Jacket, Shearling, T-shirts: Fisherman or Traditional Cuffed Beanie

Streetwear: Denim Jacket, or Bomber Jacket, Hoodies: Fisherman or Slouchy Beanie

Formal: Long Coat: Traditional Cuffed Beanie

How to Wear a Beanie According to Hair’s Length?

Whether you agree or not, the length of your hair decides how well a beanie will look on you. Here’s a little guide on different beanie styles considering hair length.

Long Hair

Oftentimes, you may have spotted men with long hair. Or, probably you also have long hair. For the extra chilly days, wearing beanies will not only keep your head warm but will also eliminate the need to comb your hair before stepping outside. Keeping a beanie on hand is always helpful.

Slim-fitted styles work best for long hair. Well-fitted beanies keep your loose long strands manageable preventing them from flying onto your face. Roll your beanie back so that your full face remains visible.

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Short Hair

Short-haired guys should remain more conscious while choosing beanies. A wrong choice can make them look inappropriate and odd. If you’ve short hair, stay away from slouchy and big beanies. These kinds of beanies lack balance, thus, can swamp on your head. Tight-fitting beanies that are closely knitted go best for men with short hair. Its shape will not overwhelm your face.

how to wear a beanie

Bald or Shaved Head

Fishermen beanie suits the bald guys the most. Besides keeping your head warm, these beanies cover all part of your head nicely.

Image: Soxy.Com

Now, let’s see what the different ways of wearing a beanie are.

3 Different Ways of Wearing a Beanie

Embrace these styles to stay stylish and to avoid looking like a douchbag.

1. Classic Cuffed

This is the grandpa style. But hipsters and workmen are also very much in love with this style of wearing a beanie. You can definitely try this most-common style. Cuff the beanie once. Make sure it starts from your hairline and covers the temple of your head properly. The sides of the beanie will cover half of your ears.

2. David Beckham Style

It’s a cool style especially carried out by teens. Push the beanie as far back as possible. Some of your hair should tuft out on your forehead. And, the extra fabric will slouch on the rear.

3. High Top

Show the fun side of you with this High Top style. Cuff the beanie once. Wear it in a way that the round knitted part rests on top of your head. The sides of the beanie shouldn’t cover your ears. Rather, they should stay just above the ears.

how to wear a beanie

Try the styles and tell us which one is your favorite.

P.S.: The standard rule of wearing a beanie is that it should cover your ears. And, the front part of this hat should rest above your eyebrows.

How Your Face Shape Matters While Choosing A Beanie?

Sarah Gilfilan, the founder and stylist of SartoriaLab, a personal styling company, commented, “Consider the small details to shop for a beanie that suits you perfectly.”

According to Sarah, men with a square or round face should avoid shopping for a beanie with looser style and ribbing. It shouldn’t have a turn-back cuff. Instead of pulling them over your ears, push the beanie slightly back off your hairline.

On the other hand, if you have a long face, shop for tight-fitting beanies having a turn-back cuff. When the beanie sits snugly on your head, then only can you prevent your face from looking longer.

Some Do’s and Don’ts on Wearing a Beanie


a) Match the color of your beanie with your suit.

b) Wear the beanie in a way that it covers half of your ears.

c) While wearing a beanie, complete the outfit with a shearling jacket.


a) Never wear the beanie under a hoodie.

b) Avoid wearing slouchy and beanies with brim.

c) Don’t shop for a hat that droops.

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