Valentine’s Day is the best day to show some love to your nails too. Whether you’re celebrating this love-filled day with your partner or planning some interesting solo activities, there’s no better time than 14th February to let your nails have the fun of flirting. The Valentine’s Day nail designs listed here are easy enough for DIY.

Neon color manis, minimalist heart decals, or the cute cupid signs, these conversation-starting nail designs will make you fall in love with them. Sit with different nail polish colors and deck out your nails with some wonderful manicure ideas that are not cheesy.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

1. Nude Matte with Glossy Tips

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Nude nail colors are sophisticated, chic, and elongate your fingers. This nail design doesn’t look bold and is extremely easy to get. The glossy tips are making this nail art extra special.

2. Cupid Nails for Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Image: Source

After all, Cupid has a great role to play in love. So, show some respect to Cupid by wearing him on nails. Another cute nail art for Valentine’s Day.

3. Smiling Hearts

Image: Source

Valentine’s Day means happiness and fun with your partner. Therefore, paint the cutest smiling hearts on nails to convey the message of the day.

4. Glitter Hearts for Valentine’s Day Nail Design

Image: Source

Are you on V-Day? Don’t you feel shy to show it? Okay. Enhance the beauty of your nail with these glittering hearts. You’re ready to go with just a couple of nail stickers. Place some stones at the tips and edges to make the nails more gorgeous.

5. White Rose

Image: Source

Rose speaks of love silently in a language that only hearts can understand. A perfect symbol to express your love for him, without saying a word.

6. Pretty in Pink On Valentine’s Day

Image: Source

You can never go wrong with a little pink. Choose a pink nail polish with glitters and you’re all set.

7. Kissing Lips

Image: Source

Valentine’s Day is the day to cuddle. The lips on your nails will add to the romance of the ambiance. To avoid overdoing with this Valentine’s Day nail art, limit drawing lips only to two fingers of a hand.

8. Written with Love for Love

Image: Source

Loving someone isn’t a crime. So, why you need to hide your love? Give a clear shout out with this bold nail art. Literally, spell out the word ‘LOVE’ on your nails.

9. Cute Fishnets Valentine’s Day Nail Design

Image: Source

Imprison your love forever in your heart with these cute and simple fishnets on nails. This “hot” nail art idea will last you till March.

10. Love Pills

Image: Source

After all, it’s Valentine’s Day. Increase your doses of love with these pills. These pills in the forms of nail art will work as an instant energy-booster and make you cheer more.

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11. On Cloud Nine

Image: Source

The feeling of being high on love can lift you up on a puffy white cloud. Is there any other way to express this feeling than wearing those clouds on your nails?

12. Words That Matter Valentine’s Day Nail Design

Image: Source

Sassy word-included hearts are more for fun. Even these simple words matter a lot in love. And, sometimes, they become the conversation-starter.

13. Beating Heart

Image: Source

Does your heart beat faster when you spend time with the person you love? If ‘yes’, this V-Day nail art is for you. 

14. Eye-♡-You

Image: Source

No doubt, this is the most innovative way to utter those most used and yet special phrase: “I love You”. Isn’t it?

15. Mini Florals with a Dash of Gold

Image: Source

Carry a bouquet on your nails and love in your heart. You can either try these nail design or just use the floral decals and save your time.

16. White Tips and Stone

Image: Source

It’s really tough for us to decide which one is better – the nude pink with half white moon or the white nail with a touch of stones on it. You decide.

17. All About Love

Image: Source

Shine on this Valentine’s Day with this love-oriented nail design. Arrows, LOVE, and heart, all in one. Don’t you think it’s amazing?

18. Shades of Pink

Image: Source

Want something interesting but can’t draw anything on nails? Go for multi-colored mani to create eye-catching nails. Apply different shades of pink on nails and create a must-wear trend.

19. Holographic Flames Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Image: Source

Get gorgeous looking nails really fast with holo flames stickers. Black is back. The black background is creating a perfect backdrop for these flames.

20. Starry Nails

Image: Source

One of the uncommon Valentine’s Day nail designs. These silver-colored starry nails make a major statement in a unique way. With a touch of gold and silver, you’ll get a manicure that will make the seer fall head over heels.

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