How to apply beard oil

Beard oil keeps your scruff hydrated and soft. It works like a conditioner for hair and as a moisturizer for your skin. If you’re using it for the first time, you may not know how to apply beard oil the right way. So, here’s our complete guide to help you out.

Preparations Before Applying Beard Oil

1. Take a hot shower. Towel dry your beard gently.  However, it’s okay if your beard remains slightly damp. But, your beard shouldn’t be wet. Excess water in the beard will prevent oil from getting absorbed by the skin.

2. Test. Pour a few drops of the beard oil on your wrist. Leave for a few minutes. Check whether it’s itching or developing any skin rashes.

Steps to Apply Beard Oil Properly

1. Clean Your Beard

Always, apply beard balm on a clean beard. Therefore, the best time to apply it is after taking a shower.

2. Less is More

Using the right amount of oil is very essential. And, this right amount depends on how long you’re growing your stubble. Too little amount may not fight the dryness. Too much may make your beard very oily. If it’s 1-month of beard growth, use 3-4 drops. Similarly, 4-6 drops are enough for a beard of 6-month growth. So on.

As a rule of thumb, maximum 10 drops is okay even for a beard growth of 1year or older.

3. Pour the Oil on Your Palm

Pour the required amount of oil on your palm. Rub the palms up and down to spread the oil evenly. As such, it will cover all your fingers and palms entirely.

4. First, the Sides

Brush the oil along the sides of your beard. Apply the oil with your palm in a straight motion down your jawline. Move the palms in circular motion while applying at the sides. Start from the roots to the tips of your beard.

On each side, apply the oil 2-3times.

5. Comb

Comb your beard with a wooden beard comb. Wooden combs don’t have rough edges. So, you won’t end up causing pulling and breakage to the beard.

Avoid using plastic and metal combs to prevent beard static and damage.

6. From Bottom to the Top

To give your beard a fuller look, start from combing upwards. This method also helps to distribute the oil more evenly. Move the comb from chin to the cheeks. Do this on both sides of your beard. If you hit a snag, comb it out gently.

7. Drag Downward

Once upward combine is done, do downward combing. Start from the top of your beard to the neckline. While brushing downwards, use a narrow-toothed comb.

8. Avoid Combing More than 3 Times a Day

Too much combine can damage your beard hair. It can also make the skin dry. Hence, after completing the beard oil applying process, limit the combing to 3 times a day. Not more than that.

What Not to Do When Applying Beard Oil?

a) Putting so much oil on your beard. Or, it will feel greasy.

b) Applying the oil directly on your face.

c) Pouring the oil directly on the wet beard.

d) Leaving clumps of uncombed oil.

When Should You Start Applying Beard Oil?

Your beard will remain in good health if it’s remain moisturized. And, that’s why you’re using a beard oil, right? As soon as you observe freshly sprouted hairs on your chin and cheek, start using the oil. Dry beard hair can make you look as if you were living a jungle-life.

What are Some Good Substitutes for Beard Oil?

Some of the cheap alternatives for beard oil are virgin coconut oil, baby oil, and organic jojoba oil. If you have a tight budget, then you can use any of these. However, we’ll recommend you to buy a branded beard oil like Ora’s Amazing Herbal’s Beard Oil set. Try to use organic herbal products for your beard as they will neither cause skin irritation nor will damage your scruff.

How Long Do You Leave Beard Oil In?

The beard oil aims to moisturize your beard. So, it has to be absorbed nicely. Don’t worry. No need to wait for hours. Leave it as it for 5-10 minutes. After that, you can apply other beard grooming products.

Should You Oil Your Beard Everyday?

Oiling your beard isn’t required daily. Rather, oil your beard every other day. If it’s becoming too greasy, apply the oil only 3 times a week. However, men with long beard or are living in a region having dry climate, can apply the oil more often.

Can You Apply Beard Oil After Shaving?

Yes. Beard oils have moisturizing agents. Applying them after shaving will help to keep the skin moisturized.

Can You Use Beard Balm Instead of Beard Oil?

Beard balm cannot replace the beard oil. Beard balm are mainly for styling your beard. Whereas beard oil is mainly to maintain a healthy beard.

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