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10 Casual Style Guide for Men to Look Smart and Sharp Everyday


What’re included in casual style guide for men? Should you follow the latest trends? Or, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable?

Quite confusing, right?

You may jump to wear a suit and a tie to attend your business meeting. But, when it comes to wear something fashionable outside the office too, you may make the wrong choice.

Impressing everyone you meet daily with your attire isn’t a hefty job. Especially, when you’re following certain casual men fashion tips.

Here’re some pocket-friendly and easy-to-follow casual style guide for men. Follow them and make your casual closet sleek in a hassle-free way.

Casual Style Guide for Men

1. Fashion with Blue Jeans

Maybe you want to break yourself free from ‘t-shirt and jeans’ look. But, jeans are the bread and butter of casual attire. Every man has some pair of jeans. Know the right type to shop correctly.

Avoid wearing blue baggy jeans. Baggy jeans are loose fitting. You cannot show off your awesome masculine features wearing it. They also punch up around your ankles making you look short and heavy.

Prefer Classic Loafers Over Sneakers: Blue jeans look perfect with classic loafers. Rather, buy desert shoes, or suede shoes. Consider the shade of your blue jeans while choosing the shoes. Also, make sure they’re well-polished and sleek.

Pair it Up with Basic Colors: Black, white, crème, or any light color. Those are the best shirt colors for blue jeans. Don’t stick to funky and bright colors shirts to wear with your blue jeans.

Straight Leg Jeans for Heavy Thighs: Opt for slim fit heavy jeans and not skinny jeans. If you’re not comfort with slim fit jeans, or you think your thighs are too heavy, go for straight leg jeans.

 Layer Your Shirt: If you’re wearing a check shirt with the jeans, layer it up with light brown colored blazer. Or, you can wear a denim jacket over a light colored t-shirt.

2. Fashion with Chinos

Jeans are not the only legwear option for you. There’re more. Chinos are also casual attire for men to look smart and stylish. Moreover, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort to wear this outdoorsy rugged pants. Some of the chinos dress casual tips are:

Grey or Camel: These basic colored chinos will match any of your shirt’s color easily. Apart from these, some other color options are army-green, maroon, blue, khaki, red, and burgundy.

Relaxed Warm Look

That’s the Justin Beiber style. Get a chino that has a lower-hip fitting to get a relaxed and warm look. Chinos shouldn’t be too long. Make sure it’s hemmed right above or at your ankle. Pair it up with any casual outfit such as regular faded polo shirt or with hoodies.

Denim Chinos: Casual denim chinos can give you the dapper look. Wear a light-colored turtleneck sweater with it. Put on your favorite white sneakers. For that wow-factor, layer the sweater up with a deep colored jacket. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Blazer and Bomber Jacket:

In a hurry? Just put on your blazer beneath the tee for a smart and casual look. If the mercury drops, replace the blazer with a bomber jacket.

3. Fashion with Bermuda and Cargo Shorts

Shorts styles are dominating men’s fashion since the past two decades. They’re outstandingly good where the temperature is high. However, shorts are specifically made for daytime. If you’re going out in the night, wear trousers. But, the shorts are also versatile and fashionable. Let’s dig deep into how you can make this casual outfit for men extremely stylish.

Mind the Length:

Too short shorts are out of fashion (except when it is sport short). Instead, go for a knee-length short style. Plus, you don’t want to get the ‘chicken leg’ look. So, you also need to focus on its fittings. Opt for a short that has a close-fit.

Too Many Side Pockets Are Not Good: Cramming the pockets with pennies can make the shape and fabric loose. And, you may look like a teenage shoplifter because of it. That’s what you don’t want, right?

Match it With Thick-Over Shirts: Oversized hoodies, tees with interesting graphics, and loose skatewear are some great matches for shorts.

Carefully Choose Your Shoes: For carefree off-duty look, choose skate-inspired slip-ons, canvas trainers, and sneakers. You can also swap the shorts up with boat shoes. Or, give a polished yet rugged feel to your attire by switching to suede versions of desert boots.

4. Fashion with Tees

Tees are default wardrobe staples. When it concerns casual men’s outfits, tees come to mind immediately. Whether you’re wearing a graphic tee or a plain tee, spruce up the fashion game with these hacks.

Style with Graphic Tees:

Don’t stick to too loose or too tight t-shirt. Pick one that is well-fitted. Make sure the graphic on the tee matches your personality. Or, it should give the message you want to convey. If you want, you can layer it up with a jean jacket, blazer, or a pull over.

Sleeves for Arms:

The sleeves should fit around the arms properly. If it’s too loose, it will hang around your elbows. And, if you love to show off your guns, fold the sleeves. In that case, you can also go for slightly shorter sleeves.

Nail the Colors: Color of your tee shouldn’t clash with your complexion. For a comfortable failsafe, buy the basic colored tees like black, white, grey, and navy blue. You won’t have to worry about the pants’ color when you’re going to wear it with the tees of above-said colors.

Consider the Fabric: Lighter materials are the best fabric for t-shirts. You can shop for Puma or Egyptian cotton. These cotton types are durable and make the wearer feel light.

V-Neck or Crew Neck: Decide your body type before you focus on the tees neck patterns. If you’ve round-shaped shoulders or a small chest, crew necks are good for you. And, if your height is short, prefer V-neck over the crew ones. But, it’s better to not to try boat, scoop, or a deep V-neck.

5. Fashion with Shirts

If you want to get some advice on casual dressing style for man with shirts, this is the right place for you. Shirts are an extremely versatile attire. From colors to patterns, they give you unlimited choices so that you can create a style statement of your own. Here’re some styling tips for you.

Plaid Casual Shirt: A dark navy colored plaid shirt with rustic fabric texture always stands out. You can wear leather boot with it.

Denim Casual Shirt:

Versatile and durable, your denim shirt can be a standalone piece or can work as layers. Ditch a thick denim fabric. Rather, tone your outfit down with light-weight material. For a proper summer look, pair it up with chinos shorts.

Black Casual Shirt: Black is always in fashion. You can wear it with blue jeans to avoid being too monochrome in your outfit. Shop for a nice textured Oxford shirt to not to get the 90s cheesy DJ look. Also, team it up with heavy-duty black boots for a hipster and rustic look.

White Casual Shirt:

White long sleeve shirt is a man casual clothing every guy out there should have. Crisp and clean, this dress goes well with dark navy colored chinos. Finally, complement the outfit with a pair of loafers.

6. Fashion with Jackets

Jackets are seasonless. Take out some of your so-called ‘seasonal’ outfits to add them over your shirts or sweaters. And, every time you walk out of the door wearing it, you can easily list your name among the fashionistas. Some of the jacket types that are worth-buying are:

Field Jackets: A wise tweak to adopt a modern approach to the field jackets is to pick washed-out shades. Pale green and stone color can be good alternatives to khaki jackets. In fact, these colors are gaining attention when it comes to casual style guide for men.

Trucker Jackets: Trucker jackets are perfect to hang out with friends in weekends. Various types of trucker jackets are there like shearling- trimmed styles to the suede. Jeans and trousers are good matches for these jackets.

Bomber Jackets: Fitted waist and zippered front are two main features of bomber jackets. Team it up with tailored trousers, and loafers. Wear an Oxford shirt beneath it to get a casual dressed man look.

Track Jackets: Lightweight and comfortable, this is an excellent athleisure outfit. All you need is to tone the dress with a matching jeans or track pant. 

Biker Jackets: According to Sartoria Lab’s personal styling consultant, Sarah Gillifan, biker jackets are style staples. Undoubtedly, they’re perennially cool. To fashion in a classic modern way, buy matte finish and contrast zip versions.

7. Fashion with Sweaters

Sweaters are men outfits casual. Coordinating it with the right outfit can give you a smart casual look. If you know well how to wear your sweater in style, you won’t end up looking like a grandpa. These tips can help you.

Polo or Oxford Shirts for V-Neck Sweaters: Whether it’s cable knit or plain sweater, wearing Oxford or polo shirts beneath it is an excellent option.

Pull of Jacket with Thinner Sweaters: A blazer or a well-fit jacket are your friends here. Use it for layering only if you’re wearing a sweater having thin-fabric. From denim to leather jacket, pick anyone for styling and warm feeling.

Shawl Collar Sweaters for Holidays: Replace your hoodie with a shawl collar sweater. Get the sophisticated and stylish flair by wearing it only. Or, pair it up with a cool button-up shirt.

T- Shirts with Black Cardigans: Relaxed texture of cardigans makes it awesome casual wears for men’s during winter. Go for a simple black cardigan that speaks about your personality. Wear a t-shirt beneath and a chinos and step out to attend your casual event.

Loose Fitting for a Relaxed Feel: Loose fitted sweaters make you feel relaxed. They’re cool. If you want to chill out with your friends, loose-fitting sweaters are a great option. Or, you can opt for the fitted cardigan styles for a smarter appearance.

8. Fashion with Shoes

Casual shoes suit almost all outfits. Plus, they’re comfortable. However, pairing it with the right outfit can create a huge impact on your overall look. The tips given below will help you to decide when to don on and what to team it up with.

For Jeans:

casual style guide for men

Have a laid-back attitude? Wear your jeans with loafers. Go for chunky hiking boots for a contemporary and casual feel. For a more relaxed appearance, partner the jeans with boldly colored sneakers.

For Weekends: Monk straps create a stylish and unique appeal. So, you can easily wear it with any pant and walk out of the house. Whatever your weekend plan is, monk strap shoes make you look elegant.

 For All Day:

casual style guide for men

Classic suede oxford shoes are in fashion now. You can easily wear them for all the day because they’re exceptionally comfortable. So, if you’re planning to go for a picnic, prefer to wear it over others.

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For All Occasions: Casual shoes are available in all colors. So, choose a color properly to avoid looking too flashy. Count on the weather while picking the color. However, tan and brown colored shoes are acceptable as they fit all occasions. Therefore, wearing those colors won’t make you look out of the place.

9.  Fashion with Belts

casual style guide for men

Belts are essential for casual men’s attire. Not all the belts suit every occasion. If you don’t wear the right belt, people will laugh looking at your belly. Express your style in a bold and subtle way by wearing the right kind of belt.

Casual Leather Belt: I’m here talking mainly about sleek leather designs which are not so formal. Just tuck in your tee and flaunt the casual leather belt when the temperature rises. Find a brass or a matte buckle.

Fabric Belt: Bust the myth, ‘Fabric belts are not made for adults.’ The slight military touch makes it the perfect choice for casual fashion for men’s. Layer the dress with texture on texture (as for instance, you can wear textured trousers) to enhance the overall appeal.

Woven Belt: Bring some flash to your outfit with woven belt. Wear it with shorts in summer. Or, team it up with a linen suit for formal events.

Thick Vintage Belt: Thick vintage belts come in where the men want to get a default weekend look. It’s big and bold buckle makes it the best partner of cotton shirts, sneakers, and jeans.

Size Matters:  Know the size of your pants. Now, buy a belt which is one inch larger than the pant size. Though casual belts are easy to adjust due to their flexibility, yet too long end tail will make the look awkward.

10. Fashion with Watches

Watches can either make or break your outfit. Classic, elegance, simplicity, and versatility define the best watches. The watch type you pick has to match the formality of your dress.  So, be fastidious and remember the rules while choosing watches to match your casual outfit.

Digital Watches:

casual style guide for men

Do you prefer analog watches more than digital watches? But, if you’re wearing a casual outfit, always go for digital watches.

Watches with Metal Bands:

Metal band watches are more casual. Whatever casual outfit you pull off, these watches match easily. As for instance, a chambray shirt with jeans is a perfect pair for watches having metal bands.

Worn-in Leather Straps: Rugged and relaxed, these straps are your companion when you’re chilling out with friends. However, these are BIG NO-NO’s for attending a fine-dining event.

Casual Watch Straps:

Casual style guide for men

From the name itself, it’s clear that these watches are exclusively for casual events. From fabric to lightweight leather to metal bands, you’ve endless choices here. Many of them have replaceable straps. So, you can add more versatility by taking off the strap and replace them with your favorite ones. 

Go Matchy Matchy: Always consider your outfit’s color to match your belt with it. For example, never wear a black strap watch with a brown colored shoe. However, gold and silver colored bands suit dress of almost all colors.

More Tips on Casual Style Guide for Men

Maintaining some fashion rules are important even if it’s for casual wear. These casual style guide for men are easy to master. For your ease, I’ve added some more tips. Follow them to not to sacrifice your fashion sense while spending time in the weekends.

a) Make sure your dress is clean and stain-free.

b) Don’t let your worn-out clothes stay in your wardrobe forever. Donate them instead of repairing them.  

c) A crisp collar helps you to go a long way. Check whether they’re flopping around. Tape the collar down with a double-sided tape.

Items You Need to Keep in Wardrobe for Casual Style

  • Denim blue jeans
  • Casual shirts and T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Polo shirts
  • Chinos
  • Leather belts
  • Loafers
  • Casual jackets
  • Shorts
  • Sweaters for casual wear

Wrapping Up

Complement your look with right accessories. Don’t hesitate to show off your personality with the accessories you pick. However, make sure they match your outfit perfectly.

Hope all the tips on casual style guide for men listed above will help you. As we know, dressing better means looking comfortable and smart in your own skin. Take the first step for a better version of you. Gradually, you’ll go on climbing the steps to look the best.

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