Your eyes are the doorway to your heart. Therefore, it’s your duty to enhance the beauty of your eyes. And, eyeshadow can help you in that. When it comes to applying eyeshadow, we love to play with colors and designs. If you’re running out of ideas, check out these eyeshadow looks.

1. Winged Icy Blue

A little application of blue eyeshadow and shimmer. That’s enough to dress up your lids. Use a blue kohl pencil to create the wing-like effect.

2. Dress in Purple

The cool purple eyes are highlighting the features for an eye-catching look. This eye makeup trend can take your dressing game to the next level. At the same time, it will make you look elegant, if not dramatic.

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3. Embrace Flowers

Flowers bring brightness to a day. Small flowers drawn on the crease give a perfect spring vibe. The light red background adds to a glowy warmth. This flower-themed eyeshadow is both dramatic and minimalist. You can choose to wear it at any night parties.

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4. Watermelon Eyes

Kylie Jenner sporting this watermelon theme is definitely iconic. The combination of deeper shade in the crease and the shimmery light green on the lids resembles the outer appearance of watermelon. Renowned makeup artist, Ariel Tejada has used electric Fuschia to line the undereye. Due to this, the eye reminds me of a snack of a summer evening.

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5. Yellow Pastel Finish

Does yellow seem bold to you? Yet can’t resist the temptation of using yellow on the eye? This eyeshadow look may help you. You can create a romantic makeup look with the soft touch of pastel yellow. First of all, apply a light yellow color to the eyelid. Add to the dimension by applying a soft bronze tone in the crease.

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6. Glittery Brown

Brown shadow is flattering for a fair complexion. This look shows how you can mix the brown glittery color with warm purple for a tasteful finish. Applying a contrasting color in the crease while making it look cohesive isn’t an impossible feat.

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7. Neon Green

Love to wear bold colors? Make friendship with neon green. Green highlighted eyes are the crowd-pleasers. You can style with this eyeshadow color in different ways. Offering an edgy vibe, neon green when bordered with a golden hue can give you an ultra-feminine look.

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8. Pumpkin Orange

Pumpkin orange eyeshadow colors are extremely trendy. Here, three shades of orange have been used. One for the crease, for the lid, and a line at the deep crease. This eye makeup look works all year-round. No doubt, this color combo will make your eyes look brighter.

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9. Red-y-made

If this eyeshadow look doesn’t inspire you to flaunt red color, we don’t know what will. Start by making the color appear bold on the lids, crease, and at the outer corner of the eyes. Once done, go for a turquoise hue for the inner corner of the eyes. Apply a nude color on the lip so as to draw the eyes on your eye for positive reasons.

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10. Metallic Brown

Have you tried metallic brown yet? This color has become a makeup staple for eyes. If a sultry eye look is what you want to get for the next cocktail party or a hot date, we suggest you go with a metallic brown hue. Plus, this color goes perfectly with the festive seasons. Take on the trend by applying black eyeliner.

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11. Bold in Black

Black smoky eyes and nude lips. That can give you a no-mess makeup day. To get this color on the eyes, pick a palette with gunmetal tones. Choose the dark black color for your bottom waterline. Apply light brown color over the crease to create a gradient. Lift up your eyelashes and complete the look with black mascara.

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12. The Golden Rule

Go easy on yourself. Gold metallic eyeshadow is enough to give you a graphic-like cat-eye shape. The eye makeup is perfectly in line with the glassy skin makeup. This look is simple and you can wear it at any time of the day. Just make sure your lips are dressed in bold colors as is shown in the image.

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13. Romantic Blue

Here, you can see a wash of two-tone sky blue eyeshadows. The makeup artist, Katie Jane Hughes has made the corner of the eyes brighter. She has preferred to keep the crease light and has applied a very light shade of pink on it. This icy eyeshadow look is screaming positively, ‘Winter is here!’

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14. Pinkish Shimmer

Embrace the inner girly girl in you with this completely youthful and fresh look. Take baby pink shimmery color from your eyeshadow palette. Match it with pink glossy lips. This is an incredible eyeshadow look for any daytime event. However, this pink makeup suits girls with a fair complexion more.

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15. White is Right

White is the color that goes with all complexion. Get a stylish pop for your eyes with this ultra-shiny white eyeshadow look. Mix white with brown. Apply brown color on the outer lid of your eyes. Finish off this gorgeous look by lining the upper and bottom waterlines. And, you’re ready to go.

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