Hoodies are, especially for comfort-lovers. They may not be the fashion-forward item, yet they’re popular among men due to their practicality. From the streetwear savvy to the off-duty professional to the outcast in American drama series, hoodies are ruling everywhere as a must-have casual clothing piece. Not only can you wear it while in the house but also choose to attend any casual weekend event. Whether it’s a pullover or a zip-up, you can wear it all year round. This humble sportswear can send passers-by to another side of the street. For that, knowing how to wear a hoodie is important. Well-planned ensembles can transform unfashionable and boring hoodies into trendy and stylish ones. Scroll down to know how.

Do Oversized Hoodies Look Good?

how to wear a hoodie

A roomy hoodie is extremely versatile and comfortable. Oversized hoodies can be worn without making others feel that you don’t have a cloth of your own. Follow these tips to look good even in an oversized hoodie. And, you don’t have to be a total streetwear pro or Justin Beiber to rock in a big hoodie.

a) Choose soft and subdued shades like the shades of beige

b) Replace a big hoodie with a semi-baggy hoodie

c) Pair the hoodie with tight pants or skinny jeans

d) Add layers

Is It Ok to Wear a Hoodie Without a Shirt?

There’s no rule that you have to wear a shirt underneath a hoodie or sweatshirt. Actually, the case varies from man to man. If you sweat profusely and your hoodie shows it, we’ll advise you to wear a shirt underneath.

However, wearing shirts with hoodies has some pros and cons.


1. Undershirts prevent hair on chest from poking through the shirt’s surface

2. Adding an extra layer of shirt will help you stay warmer


1. Wearing a shirt beneath a hoodie in summer can make you sweat more

Should Hoodies be Tight or Loose?

When it comes to how a hoodie should fit, follow the goldilocks option, right in the middle. Your hoodie should neither be too tight nor too loose. You should feel easy to move around in it. Choose a hoodie that doesn’t have loose fabric around the midsection. Otherwise, it will look like a kangaroo pocket. It shouldn’t droop and should fit you properly. A hoodie looks best when it sits perfectly around the waist and hips.

Additionally, make sure your hoodie is not too long. A long hoodie can make your legs appear shorter.

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How Do You Properly Wear a Hoodie?

Right layering and bottom clothing pieces can make any hoodie a stylish outfit. We’ve divided the ways to wear a hoodie into these two sections. Read on.


a) Layering with a Leather Jacket

The combination of wearing a hoodie with a leather jacket is stylish and sleek. Moreover, it is a good way to keep yourself warm in winter. Make a combo of a zip-up hoodie with a black moto jacket to get a tough look.

b) Layering with a Denim Jacket

Wearing a denim jacket over a hoodie is an outstanding way to look casual and cool. You will get a wide range of colors while looking for denim jackets. However, among these colors, a light blue jacket works well with different colors of hoodies. If you want a casual and stylish look, try a grey hoodie with a light blue denim jacket.

c) Layering with a Coat

how to wear a hoodie

Most men have coats in their wardrobe. A coat is an excellent layering piece for hoodies. You can wear a double-breasted coat on a hoodie for a casual and relaxed look on weekends. Black and brown are the most preferable colors for coats when worn with hoodies.

Pairing with Bottoms

a) With Jeans

A hoodie and a pair of jeans is a good combination. To spice up the look, finish it off with crisp white sneakers and fancy socks.

b) With Ripped Chinos

If you’re bored with wearing the same style of chinos with hoodies, try the ripped ones. Ripped chinos are very voguish these days. You can wear some accessories like a chain or ring to get a sporty and cool look in this outfit.

c) With Shorts

Throw on your hoodie with shorts if it’s too hot outside. Make sure your hoodie is made of lighter fabric to stay comfortable in it during summer.

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