Are you ready for winter? If yes, you surely have at least 2-3 beanies in your wardrobe. Beanies are style staples and also protect your hair from the harsh winds of winter. Just like vinyl baker boy caps, and beret hats, you can style a beanie in multiple ways.

The type of beanie you have will decide your way of styling. Some of the common beanie types are:

a) Cuffed Beanies

b) Patch Rib Wool Beanie

c) Cable Knit

d) Beanie with a Pom

And, the list continues.

If you’re just looking for some beanie styling tips or are new to the world of this headpiece, we’re here to help. Whether your beanie is short or long, cuffed or uncuffed, our styling tips will surely convince you to give them a try.

How to Style a Beanie

Beanies look best when worn casually. So, the beanie styling inspiration you’ll get from here is all meant for casual dress-up. Wearing them to the office is not recommended.

1. Cuffed Beanies

Cuffed beanies are pretty common. For a classic look, let the beanie cover your forehead and ears. Choose a beanie color that matches either your coat, dress, or the scarf’s color. Push your bangs under the beanie.

how to style a beanie

2. Uncuffed Beanies

Uncuffed and medium-fitting beanies don’t add unnecessary bulk to the sides of your head. Keep it simple by letting your hair down. For some A+ color coordination, go for a tonal play. (Check out the leftmost side of the image). You can also try the Peter Pan style. Let the beanie sit over your forehead. Only a part of your ears will remain covered. Whether you’ve revealed or hidden bangs, this style works on everyone. Or, you can create an interesting balance between chic and fun as Hailey Baldwin has done here. Pair your beanie with your jacket and pant’s color and enjoy a monochrome look this winter.

how to style a beanie

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3. Slouchy Beanies

A slouchy beanie has a longer style. The extra fabric slouched down at the back of your head. If you want to get a relaxed and laidback vibe, slouchy beanies are the best. Push the beanie back enough that the extra fabric sits at the back of your head. For a safe off-duty look, wear your beanie with a trench coat and skinny jeans. You can also let the bangs fall on the forehead and push the beanie slightly backward. Make sure the slouchy part lies at the top of your head.

how to style a beanie

4. Pom Pom Beanies

Pom pom beanies look cute and give a playful touch to your look. Show off your fashion-conscious side by teaming your black skinny jeans with a long beige coat. The whole getup comes together if you wrap a big scarf around your neck. Sweater, shorts, and thigh-high boots also go well with beanies. This type of beanies looks good, especially for teenage girls. Consider these styles while wearing them.

how to style a beanie
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