Being a woman if you are wondering how to dress up according to your body shape, then it is essential to know your body type and shape and you will be happy to know that you are landed in the right place.

The body shape calculator can be handy in this regard, only you have to insert the measurement of your shoulder, waist, butts, and chest in the tool. It is essential to know different body shapes and the common dress accordingly to look charming. You should know something regarding your body shape when you are out there shopping. Picking the perfect dress and going to the trial room is essential for women. If you have no clue, about your body type then you may be disappointed after shopping. 

The Clothing And Body Shape

Designers usually design clothing by keeping in mind the different body shapes of women. Even the coloring and flower pattern is different for various body shape of the women. For example, dark colors and large flowers are used for women having Apple or Pear shape bodies. It usually covers up the extended portions of the body, and they look a little thinner and smarter than their actual body shape.

The light coloring and small flowering pattern are specific to the women having body shapes like rectangles, or inverted triangles. These light colors are used to highlight their body figure as they have beautiful body shapes and are attracted by the audience. Using the body type calculator by  for women can be helpful in determining the body shape and the comparative dressing. When women choose dresses according to their body shape, they look absorbing and attractive.

Women’s Body Shapes

The common body shapes of women are of the following types. Whatever the body shape, your body shape would fall into the eight of the given body shapes. When you are using the body figure calculator, you can determine your body shape and the comparative dressing tips. It is essential to figure out your body shape for the perfect dressing according to your body shape

a) Triangle or “pear”

b) Spoon

c) Hourglass

d) Top hourglass

e) Bottom hourglass

f) Inverted triangle or “apple”

g) Round or oval

h) Diamond

When women are able to determine their body shape, then it would become easy to select a dress according to their body shape. The body shape calculator makes the task of selecting the body shape and the dressing accordingly.

Variables of The Body Shape

The variable involved in the body shape measurements is based on the variable. The most important variable in finding the body shapes is given below:

a) Shoulder

b) Bust

c) Waist 

d) Hips

The ratio between these variables determines the body shape of a woman. For example, if you have an extended Bust and Hips, you may have an hourglass body shape. Women having large Hips and shooter shoulders usually have an Inverted triangular body. On the other hand, a woman with has enlarged waist usually has an Apple or Pear Shape body. When using the body shape calculator you would be able to find your body shape. 

The Bottom Line

The body shape calculator makes it easy for women to select the dressing according to their body shape ad type. If you are purchasing the dress without knowing your body shape, then it would become easy for women to look pretty and beautiful. When you study the various celebrities of Hollywood, they maintain certain types of the body like Hourglass or Pear shaped according to their height and waist. In the modern age, it has become a primary thing to shop according to your body shape.

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