Who would have thought that hair loss at young ages would also become an issue of concern? Inadequate growth, unhealthy hair, and weak roots have become significant issues in most individuals’ lives today. But who would have thought that one could find many products sorting such matters out in the market? Many brands claim to do so, but only a few of them give the results. One such brand is Nulastin, which has become the town’s talk these days. But Does Nulastin really work? Are their results long-lasting? Is it worth the price? Let’s find out.

The main component behind Nulastin’s products is the Elastaplex technology. Elastatropin is the active ingredient behind Elastaplex technology. It caters to the Anagen and the late telogen stage of hair growth and provides necessary nutrients to the hair. Moreover, they nourish the cells that produce hair follicles. All the products of Nulastin have Elastatropin as their base and significant ingredient. But does this do wonders after coming in combination with other ingredients? Let’s see.

Does Nulastin Really Work?

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Nulastin was formed to help people live an enriched and vibrant life, and that too with confidence. All their products aim at natural hair growth of lashes, eyebrows, hair scalp, etc. Each product is made after years of research and innovation and aims to deliver superior results.

However, the proprietary ingredient behind all of their products is Elastatropin. Incorporated with 600 amino acids, it rejuvenates the skin and revives a healthy and youthful glow. Their product range aims at giving youthful skin back to their customers.

Their proprietary product is their serums for the natural growth of eyelashes and brow and scalp hair. It ranges from hair and lashes dual to follicle-fortifying serum. Moreover, they also offer creams for skin rejuvenation, radiance, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Proprietary Ingredients

a) Pentapeptide- Pentapeptide increases collagen production and hyaluronic acid synthesis in the body. Moreover, they also reduce the appearance of specific age effects like fine lines and wrinkles. It fortifies hair and intensifies the look of brows and lashes.

b) Keratin- Keratin is a protein that protects the skin against damage. Moreover, it boosts smoothness and moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Keratin also helps in re-energizing hair and promotes shine.

c) Elastin- Elastin is a protein that improves skin cells’ and tissues’ resilience and elasticity. They help tissues resume their original shape after an external force is applied. Moreover, they promote overall skin health and improve its functionality.

Pros of Using Nulastin

Does Nulastin really work

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Nulastin hair growth serums improve lash and brow density to a large extent in just 2 months of their use. Regardless of age, gender and health, it is made to work on all skin types and textures. Moreover, all of their products are ophthalmologist tested and are vegan and cruelty-free. The product has no parabens, gluten, or allergy-causing preservatives. Years of experience and an innovative mindset led Nulastin to generate excellent results.

Moreover, no fragrance is added to the products; all of them are clinically proven and easy to use. Healthy and thick hair is all we desire, and Nulastin helps us fulfill our goal. Nulastin stands by its products and guarantees 100% performance or a full refund if the products don’t perform up to their customer’s expectations.

Cons of Using Nulastin

Many of the users of this product are not satisfied with the results. They have claimed that the product has shown extreme results in their eyes. Their eyes have turned red, and the serum irritates instantly after it is applied. Sometimes, the irritation goes to such an extent that the product needs to be removed to avoid any damage to the eyes. This may be because of the ingredients of the products.

However, the brand claims to use natural ingredients, but some of them, like phosphate-buffered saline, ester, etc., can show extreme effects if they don’t suit the skin. Some users have also admitted that the product hasn’t shown significant results despite following a proper routine for its application. Some also claimed that the results aren’t long-lasting and the product is not worth the price.

The Bottom Line

Does Nulastin really work? I am sure you have got an answer to this question after going through these reviews about the product. Nulastin has mixed reviews. Some seem satisfied with the products, while others aren’t happy with their purchase. This makes us rethink that everybody has a different skin type and texture. An ingredient might suit one skin type but not the other. Therefore, it is crucial to go through the ingredients list first to avoid unexpected gifts.

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