Nowadays we all are craving for a major change as we are getting bored with our hair color. But from brunette to blonde is not as easy as cutting off 3 inches, adding layers, or even getting bangs. It’s a major transformation. Plus, blonde is definitely trending as hair color ideas. So before lightening up your hair, you should be armed and gather with all the information needed. 

Who Can Go From Brunette To Blonde?

According to the founder and lead colorist of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City, Kattia Solano, “Everyone can go from brunette to blonde by considering a few key factors”.

History of Your Hair Color:

Whenever you visit the salon, make sure to discuss about your expectations and desired looks. Give them clear idea about your hair texture and history of your hair color. Don’t hide if you think something is irrelevant. According to Samantha Garrone, colorist at Salon AKS in NYC, ” If the color of your hair is very old, it may need to be removed before service else your hair get damaged as it would not lift evenly. Additionally, the type of dye you used at home or salon can affect the way your hair will take to the lighter color. 

• Time:

Depending on your hair, your colorist should be transparent about the time taken that is how long and how many visits it requires. For those with long color history especially don’t rush into time as keeping your hair healthy is the main priority. The total time taken and visiting salons will vary depending on your desired shade, current color, and length of your hair, texture and history. If the hair condition is in your favor, it may take only one appointment. But normally it will take three seating to get you to where you really want to be.

• Budget:

Going from brunette to blonde is no doubt very costly but when you take the decision of a major color change, don’t think much about the budget if you are able to. If you’re going to do it, it’s best to do it right the first time, so you don’t need to go for an additional ‘fixing’ appointment. This prices are vary all over the country and ranges in between $300- $600.

• Skin Tones and Features:

It’s very important to choose right color for your hair as per your skin tones. May be you have done the blonde color perfectly. But, if it doesn’t suit with your skin tone and eye color, it’s completely of no use. Garrone advises to consult your hair colorist before taking any decision as they have the perfect idea about the right shade. Hair colorists have all gone through serious training to have the ability to determine this. Skin tone change with the seasons. So eye color is the true indication of what shade your hair should be.

How Much Time It Requires To Go Blonde?

Solano explains,” If your hair is virgin (uncolored) hair, it will become very easy to go from brunette to blonde”. Uncolored hair is easy to handle as it is more stronger and healthier than pre-colored hair. As compared to pre-colored hair, it is easier to lift the hair evenly. Whereas for processed hair it can be harder to make the color even. If you have a permanent color hair, then you and your colorist need to set a plan.

When you visit the salon, the most important thing is, the colorist test the hair dye on a small hidden strand of hair which is also essential. It is also known as strand test. The previous color give an idea to the stylist whether your goal for your hair color can be made reality. The porosity and elasticity of your hair can be tested through strand test to show you how easily (or not) your shade of brown will lighten. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to assess you what level of lightening your hair can handle. 

The actual process for going blonde depends on many factors such as your hair history, your initial brunette shade, desired blonde and many more. The natural texture of hair can affect the way it lifts and what it can handle. Though thick or coarse hair can be stronger, but take longer to lift whereas, kinky hair can be more fragile, but may lift really fast. Generally you need to use bleach in case of going two shades lighter than your natural brunette color. But “if you want to do a double process blonde like bright blonde or platinum, you’ll likely need two bleach applications back to back, which takes at least four hours”, Solano says.

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