Adopting a positive attitude towards your body and showering yourself with unconditional love is easier said than done. Societal standards of beauty have left us all reeling with self-hate because we unconsciously compare ourselves to supermodels in glossy magazines. It’s hard to muster self-love when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see.

So, how does one get past these negativities to channel body positivity and self-love? The process begins with self-acceptance. You must accept yourself with all your flaws and weaknesses and take control of your self-worth. Once you start actively defining who you are, your self-esteem will give birth to a cascading waterfall of self-love.

Everyone has unique definitions of body positivity and self-love. Some love themselves through self-care, moisturizing rituals, 9-step skincare routines, spa days, and retail therapy. Others find positivity in a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious diet, and achieving all the goals they’ve set out for themselves. Instead of looking for a universally accepted definition or hack, you must define what self-love means to you.

With that thought in mind, let’s look at practical tips to embrace body positivity and love yourself.

1.   Treating Concerns that Diminish your Confidence

Millions struggle with a negative self-image and lack confidence due to skin concerns, obesity, and other correctable issues. If an issue diminishes your self-confidence and fractures your self-image, why not address it effectively? Suppose you struggle with acne, blackheads, or discoloration. In that case, you can restore your confidence by signing up for a dermatological treatment.

Approaching cosmetic and dermatological treatments with care, caution, and extensive research is vital. Many people struggle with self-esteem issues after undergoing risky cosmetic treatments, such as biopolymer buttocks, lip implants, and butt lifts. All treatments involving biopolymer injections are considered unsafe as they inject foreign substances into the body.

The human body does not react well to foreign substances, triggering multiple reactions and side effects. People who opt for treatments involving injected substances struggle with severe health issues, including pain, necrosis, rashes, and sagging. You may feel that cosmetic treatments can beautify your body and address self-image challenges, but the reality is disappointing.

Thankfully, these side effects are correctable, and early intervention will help you reclaim your beauty and power. Instead of resorting to harmful and invasive treatments, consider finding research-backed products and devise a dedicated skincare routine. If your self-esteem issues stem from skin-related concerns or your body shape, work on a healthy and mindful self-transformation regimen.

Remember, negativity never leads to positive outcomes, while positivity is a powerful catalyst for growth and improvement.

2.   Discard Ill-Fitting Clothes

Are you shrouding your curves in unappealing layers of loose and lanky clothes? Do you typically wear outfits that don’t flatter your form to avoid driving attention to your body? Is your wardrobe filled with outfits you will wear once you achieve your ideal body size?

Holding onto loose or ill-fitted clothing and hoping to wear them one day is one of the most common forms of self-sabotage. Turning outfits into milestones is torturous because you’re making yourself feel awful about your body shape. Not being able to fit into a much-loved outfit negatively impacts our mental well-being, diminishing our confidence and self-esteem.

It is wise to discard all clothing that no longer fits you or doesn’t flatter your form. These clothing options make us feel less confident and promote a negative self-image. Do you have to be a certain shape and size to love your body? No, most certainly not. Think of all the money, time, and space you’re wasting by holding onto these outfits.

Then, reflect on negative emotions, self-hate and toxic thoughts associated with these clothes. How are these clothes serving you and your body? Once the catharsis is complete, go for some retail therapy and splurge on clothes that flatter your curves.

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3.   Decorate your Space with Positive Affirmations

A short and simple reminder goes a long way in channeling self-care and reminding ourselves of our beauty and power. We often lose sight of our attributes and qualities and begin spiraling into a vicious cycle of self-hate and self-neglect. Surrounding yourself with positive affirmations is the best way to end this cycle with a reminder to love and nurture yourself.

The idea is to decorate your space with positive affirmations that remind you of your self-worth and self-care duties. You can decorate your entire home with positivity or designate one space where you usually struggle with negative thoughts. Most people feel awful about their form when they stand in front of the mirror to get ready.

We urge you to decorate your mirror or vanity with positive affirmations that remind you to love yourself. Here are some prompts to encourage you:

I am beautiful the way I am

My curves are my superpower

I am gentle, kind, and compassionate

I nurture my heart, mind, and soul

My body is a masterpiece

My body is pure perfection, and I respect it dearly

I am kind to my body

These affirmations will serve as reminders, helping you process negative emotions and thoughts with positivity and strength. They will remind you of your inner power and beauty while experiencing emotional distress and turmoil.

4.   Start Pampering and Nurturing Yourself

How much time do you spend looking after yourself in a day? Do you have a specific ritual to nurture your body, skin, and mind? How many hours of me-time and self-care do you enjoy every week?

Most people struggle to make time for themselves, overwhelmed by myriad chores to manage their family and professional lives. Many neglect themselves to fulfill the needs of their loved ones, failing to prioritize themselves. It’s important to find a balance between what we do for others and what we do for ourselves.

Loving yourself means prioritizing yourself above all and making time for yourself. You don’t need to start a 12-step skincare routine that you obviously cannot incorporate into your jam-packed schedule. Instead, find something that works without disrupting your routine and brings you infinite joy and relaxation.

The Bottom Line

A positive body image and a healthy bond of self-love are not feats you can achieve overnight. This initiative demands a conscious acceptance of who you are and a passion for loving yourself no matter what. You must remind yourself of your inner power and resolve to take good care of yourself. You don’t need to achieve a certain shape or size to shower yourself with love. Start shifting your mindset today, watch the magic unfold, and transform your life.

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