What’s your preferred form of bottoms? Well, 95% of men will say, ‘Jeans’. Not only are they comfortable but also you can depend on them in a pinch. Though mainly a casual wardrobe staple, yet you can wear them at formal events too, if you know what to wear with them for a formal look. Once you find the right pair of jeans, learn how to wear jeans to bring out the best in you.

Here’re some jeans outfit ideas to consider.

1. Straight Jeans

Straight leg jeans have narrow and non-tapered legs. Loose fitting layers are best for straight jeans.

T-shirt and a Blazer

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T-shirt and a Denim Jacket

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Bomber Jacket and a Scarf

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A Shirt and a Chic Camel Coat

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2. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans stick to your legs. However, some skinny jeans are comparatively loose at the thighs and tighter from the knees. This type of jeans goes well with a casual look.

A Button-up Shirt

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A Hoodie

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A Sweater

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A Loose T-Shirt and a Leather Jacket

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3. Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are loose fit jeans. Hence, they offer a casual vibe. Check out some of the outfits you can wear with a pair of baggy jeans.

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A T-Shirt

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A Button-Up Shirt

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A Turtleneck Sweater and a Blazer

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A Check Shirt Knotted at the Waist

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a) Can you wear a suit jacket with jeans?

According to fashion rules, a suit jacket should be worn with matching trousers. But, if you’re ready to disobey the rules, wear a not-too formal suit jacket with well-structured jeans.

b) What styles of jeans are in?

Vintage denim, ripped jeans, and cropped jeans are mainly popular now. Apart from these, high-waisted rise jeans also look stylish and are trendy.

c) At what age should a man stop wearing jeans?

According to a British Survey by CollectPlus, men should ditch denim after age 53. After this age, a man should avoid wearing jeans. It’s not because aged men look bad in jeans. But, it’s really tough to find a pair of jeans that properly fit a man after that age.

d) What color jeans should a man own?

Black, dark blue, and grey are the best colors of jeans for men. Having these three colors of jeans will open up enough opportunities to style in jeans.

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