Winter is party-time. While enhancing the beauty of your body, don’t ignore your nails. Nail designs are on the rise in the fashion world. As you remain busy doing parties, you may not get enough time to visit the salon. No worries. We’ve listed some easy-to-do winter nail designs. These are simple nail designs, some with flecks of gold, to warm up your cold hands. Paint your nails with these arts and flaunt them at parties. After all, your nails deserve it.

Easy and Trendy Winter Nail Designs

1. Swirly Shapes

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Get your nails into shape, in swirly shapes. This design may not be new in the nail art world but this is awesome for beginners. Brown and white is a classic winter combination. Do these types of swirl nail arts only after cleaning and buffing up the nails.

2. Embellished

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Simple yet beautiful. This stone embellished nail art on a blue background is creating a winter vibe. Stones added are enhancing the shine of the nails. We’d love to see this silver and blue color pairing with everything cozy.

3. Gold Foiled Marble Colored Nails

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Take your holiday season up a notch with this nail trick. The gold and white combination is uncommon. But, when they come together, it’s like saying, ‘all eyes are upon me’. This nail art looks chic and trendy. Wear it and you won’t regret it.

4. Sparkling Maroon

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If you’re ready to go too dark with your winter nails, try this nail design. Anyone can achieve this glossy and glittery look with almost zero effort. This art suits everyone irrespective of nail length and complexion.

5. Stony Heart

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Show some love to yourself and the people around you with this adorable heart nail design. Making a heart bordered with shining stones is a great idea for Valentine’s Day. The cool details on nails will reflect your cute feelings for your partner.

6. Pink Flower

Image: Source

Floral effects on nails are surprisingly quick to do. The full floral plunge may be too much. Rather, decorate one or two nails with delicate roses. Pink has style and testosterone. Plus, being the sassiest of hues in winter, we’d recommend wearing pink as the base coat.

7. Icy Blue

Image: Source

If Elsa from Frozen was allowed to wear nail arts, we think this nail design would be her pick. This frosty design is perfectly reflecting the winter vibes. Try this foolproof winter nail look with only 3 colors, white, glittery blue, and glittery light pink.

8. Black Beauty

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Glossy black nails always look fab, especially when it has little diamond-shaped arts. Feminine in every way, it’s a look that’s easy to DIY.

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9. Calm Colors

Image: Source

Combine the super forces of glitter polish on your nails. Choose light colors for a calming effect. Add a bit of sparkle to the nail beds by placing stones. Wear this nail art to any party in winter.  

10. Mix of Chrome and Marbles

Image: Source

Stylish and sparkly, this nail art features a combining effect of both chrome and marble nails. Marble art is versatile and elegant. On the other hand, nails dressed in chrome is creating a 3D reflection of light.

11. Next-Level Red Nails

Image: Source

This ultra-glamorous red and black manicure is an excellent confidence-booster. For cocktail parties in the nighttime, this nail art is a perfect choice. Classy and gorgeous, sport this extremely trendy nail design and make a unique impression.

12. Golden Stars

Image: Source

Will you look up to the sky when stars are right there on your nails? Neither do we. The half-moon at the edges of the nails is making the nails look like a million bucks. Get ready to shine like the luminary firework you actually are with this supernova of the pattern.

13. Heart at the Centre

Image: Source

 Cow, leopard, zebra, all are here. This design has combined two patterns, animal prints at the edges and heart at the center. Is there any other easy way to show your love for animals?

14. Cheetah Print

Image: Source

We love this orange, black, and yellow version. Paint a cheetah’s skin on whichever side of the nail you like. Create a border with stones to amp up the appeal. Tackle stones and the cheetah print and you’ve got a manicure ready for the jungle.

15. X-mas Nails

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Winter is the time to celebrate Christmas. Honor ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ by giving yourself a merry manicure at home. Instead of going completely red, add some green and white for artistic flair.

16. Striped Nails

Image: Source

It’s all in the stripes. Pump up your usual white manicure by adding some gold to it. X marks in golden colors make the otherwise boring cold weather white color interesting.

17. Dotted Borders

Image: Source

The colorful dots at the edges are out of this world. Easy to replicate at home, this nail design is great for those who are minimalist at heart. All you need is a good base coat and some colorful shades.

18. Golden Green

Image: Source

One of the most popular colors of winter is green. Here army green against the backdrop of neutral color is looking magnificent. This asymmetrical nail design is a piece of modern art. Plus, the golden shapes on nails is making this mani party-appropriate.  

19. Nail Ring

Image: Source

Why wear rings only on your fingers? Your nails can wear rings too. Dip your nails in teal blue color. Then, create a golden stripe at the half-moon. If you don’t want the same pattern in all your nails, you can choose to wear a marble nail design on one of the nails.

20. Scripted in Yellow

Image: Source

Creative folks love this evergreen yellow scripted nail art design. A bit unconventional, the best part of this typography nails is that you won’t have to write the script font yourself. These types of typography is available in many online stores. Shop for them and stick them onto your nails.

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