The wide range of options available in jeans and trousers make men stuck in a style rut. Luckily, there are other different types of pants for men to bring some interesting rotations to legwear. From the office to date nights, you can wear these pants and enjoy the comfort they offer. Moreover, all these pants’ styles are modern.

There’s nothing wrong with going for your tried-and-tested denim, every time you step out. But, if you want to introduce some freshness to your wardrobe, we’ve brought to you some timeless and modern trouser styles. Ready to make some room in the wardrobe for the pants listed here? Scroll down.

1. Flannel Trousers

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The place of flannel trousers is somewhere between formalwear and jeans. They suit almost all occasions and look great. Made from fuzzy and slightly napped wool twill, this style of pants has made a comeback and should be own by the everyman. Plus, you can wear this trouser style throughout the year. Match knitwear with flannel trousers during the weekend or wear them with a sports jacket to the office.

If you’ve no experience with flannel trousers, shop for English flannel trousers. The English flannel trousers are heavier with closely knitted and more yarn. It’s because they don’t lose their crease quickly. You can wear them several times without ironing.

2. Chinos

Initially developed for American troops stationed in the Philippines, chinos have become an essential clothing piece for guys. Dressier than jeans and less formal than casual pants, chinos can go well with all smart ensembles. Their lightweight enhances comfort and makes them a good choice for performing outdoor activities.

Like other pants, chinos are also available in various styles. From concealed stitching to jetted back pockets to flat fronts, the styles are endless to cater to the need of every man. If you’re planning to wear chinos for an evening event, choose darker colors like black or charcoal. Similarly, choose lighter colors like cream or white for hanging out with friends in the daytime.

3. Suede Pants

Suede is a seasonless material. This delicate and soft fabric offers comfort to the wearer. Though not a very common type of pants, suede pants are becoming increasingly favorite among men, and people are ready to invest in them.

However, you need to handle suede fabric with extra care. When you’re tired of wearing the same legwear in a loop, opt for suede pants to bring some changes. Being perfect for any event, suede pants can be your ready-to-go pants for the office, parties, etc.

4. Cargo Pants

Once cargo pants were the military outfits. But, now, they’ve made their way to the mainstream fashion. The unforgettable look of the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has inspired many people to embrace the fashion of cargo pants. Having a rustic and tough look, cargo pants are the besties of men who want to get a casual look.

Cargo pants are light to carry, easy to wear, and quick to dry. Designed with a loosely cut silhouette having multiple pockets, cargo pants ensure a trendy escape. From picnic wear to Friday night outs, male cargo pants are ideal for all occasions.

5. Jeans

A man’s wardrobe is nothing without several pairs of jeans. The unique durability and characteristics of jeans make them the workhorse of all men’s wardrobes. Jeans are the kind of thing you can pull on for a hangover Sunday or attend the office in a business casual look.

Jeans are also available in many cuts. From straight leg to relaxed to baggy, different types of jeans are for different body types. For a trendy fashion style, consider the type of your body and make the right selection. Made from cotton, they are easy to find across the world.

6. Linen Trousers

Linen is a very popular fabric for summer apparel. A few years ago, men used to ignore linen trousers and considered them misshapen bloomers. But, now the linen trousers are back in a more stylish and bigger way. Thanks to the designers and tailors, the linen trousers no longer have shapeless cut. Now, they’ve modern and tapered leg lines to suit all men.

If you don’t have the time to rummage through your closet, throw on a grey plaid suit for an elegant look like a modern man. For a casual ensemble, pair the linen trouser with a crew neck t-shirt.

7. Joggers

Joggers are the perfect combination of fashion and function. Offering ‘It feels like I’m wearing nothing’ comfort, the young generation is choosing it both to head to the gym and to go to the pub. Though mainly a casual staple, yet you can wear them to chic places by making the right pairing.

Gone are the days of basic designs, jogger pants have now evolved to look like a million dollars. If you know how to style jogger pants the right way, they will look more like an expensive pair of trousers. And, you won’t look like a slob.

8. Drawstring Pants

The athleisure game has finally entered the zone of comfortable workwear clothes. And, no doubt, the drawstring pants have come to us as a blessing. They look sharp, need no extra tailoring, and are fun to wear. Carrying all the sex appeals of the smartest pants, you should happily embrace this pair of big-boy pants.

From velvet to crepe, they are available in any retailer’s store in various fabrics and styles. Many of them even have double drawstrings. You can choose as per your comfort. With a blazer, a t-shirt, or a sweatshirt, they look good with almost all tops.

9. Woolen Trousers

From gabardine to mohair, you’ll get unlimited options when it concerns woolen trousers. Nothing can beat the power of woolen trousers in combating the frosty weather. They’re designed to give you comfort and keep you warm. Hence, they’re seen mainly during the winter months.

For lean guys, pleated wool trousers are okay. But, if you’re a big guy, avoid wearing pleats as they will make you appear even bigger. Go for navy, black, and grey colors as they can be worn both at casual and formal events. Avoid bold colors and patterns.

10. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy is one of the most underused materials in the fashion aisle of men. This stripy fabric adds a touch of personality to men’s formal attire. Since their emergence in the 70s, corduroy pants are offering a chic alternative to regular pants. However, they work best when the temperature dips low enough.

Available both in cotton and woolen fabric, corduroy pants have parallel lines all over its body. These parallel lines are what make this pant unique. Plus, they are durable and rough. If you want to wear it to a party, match monk strap shoes with it.

11. Khakis

Classy yet relaxed, khakis form an integral part of the business casual dress code for men. Many a time, people get confused between khakis and chinos. Chinos involve cotton, have visible stitching, and are tapered. Khakis, on the other hand, are made with heavy cotton fabric and are pleated, and straight-legged.

The tailored styles of khakis allow you to take your outfits to the next level of formal dress up. Good looking, comfortable, and functional, many men prefer to wear khakis to take a walk in the woods or to complete the chores around the house.

12. Leather Pants

Leather pants are no longer confined to the fetish clubs and the 80s rockstars. Rather, they have started to peak in the high fashion sphere too. Rugged and masculine, leather pants should be worn only in the right social setting. Whereas fit guys should choose skinny leather pants, a classic cut with padding is the best for the bikers. Challenging to wear, you should have the confidence to work the look.

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