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14 Must-Have Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men


Winter hasn’t wrapped up yet. You may have to include certain winter-proof items in your wardrobe. To keep your statement on point every winter, dressing better is vital. Just having a few winter clothes may not make you completely ready to face the chilly weather outside. Rather, investing in some winter wardrobe essentials for men like a jacket, a pair of boots, etc. can help you retain body heat and look dapper.

Below, we’ve listed our quintessential picks to help you survive the wintery season unscathed. Read on to know including what else can help you face the frosty weather outside.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

All the winter clothing staples may not suit all occasions. For this purpose, we’ve divided it into the following three categories.

a) Winter Wardrobe Essentials for a Professional Look

b) Winter Wardrobe Essentials for a Casual Look

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for a Professional Look

1. A Piece of Suit

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If you’re doing nine-to-five from home or barring the odd Zoom call, slipping on a piece of suit is best. From dressy to casual, you’ll get a myriad of options. For cocktail lounge as well as for boardroom, suits fit everywhere. Choose a suit that is unfettered in design and comfortable in feel.

2. Cable Knit Sweaters

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Winter is in full swing. Cable knit sweaters shouldn’t be ignored to beat the temperature dips. Apart from being a winter warmer, cable knits also give a comfortable and impeccable cold-weather style. If you want an easy and practical look on a cold day for the office, pair your cable knit sweater with boots and trousers.

3. Woolen Trousers

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Woolen trousers having super-soft fabric can be your go-to WFH pants. If your woolen pants fit properly, comfort will not become an issue. Rather, you’ll feel as comfortable in it as you would have in any pair of cotton trousers. Wearing woolen trousers may help you beat the rote monotony of wearing the same pair every day. Why not take a break from that daily style and try something new? 

4. A Trench Coat

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Trench coats are timeless classics. A trench coat fits right whether you follow a business casual or formal dress code. Simply, layer a khaki trench coat over a white shirt and choose black slacks for the bottoms. Infuse a touch of stylish effortlessness by teeming it up with leather derby shoes.

5. A Flannel Shirt

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Flannel shirts are tough and rugged. Men love the functionality of flannel shirts and consider them as a good officewear. Tuck in the flannel shirt and coordinate it with a nice belt. Go for a long-sleeve and button-up flannel shirt to wear to your office.

6. Boots

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From the office to the open road, you can wear boots to go everywhere. Many boots are merged with a sleek style, which makes them for outdoor-ready performance. We’ll recommend such boots for the office as they carry a professional vibe. At the same time, make sure your selected boot is a pair of ankle boots.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for a Casual Look

7. Denim Jacket

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The versatility of a denim jacket makes it a fantastic option especially during this time of the year. It has overcome the tag of workwear staples. Today, most of the guys have this winter essential in their wardrobe. Partnering with a jean jacket properly can help you trucking down the road.

8. A Pair of Jeans

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No closet is complete without a pair of jeans. Jeans make you look sophisticated while adding a casual twist to your outfit. Regardless of where you’re heading, wearing jeans with an overcoat or a blazer will give you a winter-perfect look. Just make sure you’re investing in a quality pair of jeans to maintain your sophistication.

9. A Puffy Jacket

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Puffer jackets keep you toasty even in sub-zero conditions. Getting around town when the temp falls can be a chilly experience. Throwing on a puffer jacket underneath a turtleneck sweater can keep you stylish and warm, all at once. Finish the things off with a pair of wool trousers.

10. Chunky Sneakers

Sneakers, may not get a place in your list of winter footwear. But, they should. Chunky sneakers can withstand frosty weather.  Moreover, comfort is not an issue with it. For a cool and relaxed look, nothing can beat chunky sneakers during winter. Think of solid pullovers and jeans or chinos to complete your casual look in winter with chunky sneakers.

Items You Need for Both Professional and Casual Looks

11. Beanies

A beanie gets paired with everything else you have in your closet during winter. This cold-weather accessory complements both casual and professional looks. All you need to know how to wear a beanie to look dapper in it.

12. Scarves

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Ideal for everyday wear in winter, scarves are the perfect addition to your outfit. To get a more casual feel, let it hang or knot it to flatter your ensembles. Look for a shade that goes well with your attire. You can wear a scarf with chinos, jeans, and even with a suit.

13. Gloves

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Gloves not only prevent frostbites on hands but are also known for expressing royalty. Consider your personal style, function, and protection while buying gloves. Choose dress gloves for long overcoats and business suits. To dress casually, explore options like two-tone fourchettes, decorative stitching, zippers, etc.

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14. Socks

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Most of you think that socks are necessities and not a style statement. However, the evolution of the athleisure trend has made socks the most unexpected fashion trend. While wearing socks, make sure it’s matching the color of your trousers.

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