It is no secret that accessories can take a plain outfit to a whole different level. This is definitely true when it comes to spring eyewear trends. Not only do spectacles complete your ensemble, but they also come in handy after a long night of partying hard.

While reaching for that trusty basic pair of sunnies is a no-brainer on hectic days, you might want to step up your eyewear game a bit every now and then. Depending on the tone and vibe you’re looking for, here are some of the most spectacular spring eyewear trends that will be huge in 2023.

Wired up

One of the biggest eyewear trends to watch out for this spring, wired glasses are ideal for everyday wear. With their barely-there design, simple shape, and delicate details, they’ll complete your look without stealing the spotlight.

These frames also give you the opportunity to play around with your makeup looks without worrying about how they’ll match your eyewear. They’re also perfect for someone who prefers a more simple, minimalist style. Just make sure to check out what are the right glasses for your face shape and you’ll be golden.

Eco-friendly Eyewear

If you consider yourself a fashionista but also like to keep your sartorial choices environmentally conscious, then eco-friendly eyewear is just what you’re looking for. With global eco-consciousness on the rise, eyewear companies are making an effort to offer a more sustainable range of products.

Ethical production coupled with the use of materials such as upcycled wood and recycled ocean plastics results in a range of eco-friendly shades that will complete your daily look while also reducing your carbon footprint. Win-win!

Cat Eye – Classy and Classic

While new trends are a great way to give your outfits a fun twist, nothing really beats those timeless options. Such is the case with cat eye frames, which have been around for so long that even icons such as Marylin Monroe rocked this chic pair back in the day.

Classy and classic, this type of women’s fashion sunglasses has become a staple in many women’s accessory collections. Whether you go for a pair in animal print, bold color, or a neutral shade, the cat-eye trend is here to stay, and it’s definitely something to keep your eyes peeled for in 2023.


Speaking of things that never go out of style, retro shades have been gaining traction in the past few years. A perfect accessory to pay tribute to the decades of the past without going overboard, a pair of retro sunnies is also a budget-friendly alternative to updating your day-to-day look. 

Accentuate your on-point brows with a circular frame, choose mirrored lenses to reflect on the past, or choose a pair of aviators with a throwback tint to emulate the retro vibe of the 70s. Given the versatility of retro shades, you’ll definitely be getting the bang for your buck with these.

Tinted and Trendy

Another major eyewear trend expected to take off this spring, tinted lenses represent the perfect way to update your looks. While frames are there to complement your face shape, accentuate your makeup, and enhance visual interest, colorful lenses are there to brighten up everyday ensembles. Warm tones such as yellow and red are perfect for upcoming spring and summer since they add a bold touch to a plain outfit. You can also take a more subtle approach and opt for light pink or gray.

While many sunglasses do offer UV ray protection, the tint you choose will affect your vision and performance. Therefore, make sure to pick the right lens color wisely if you plan on using them for particular activities (snow sports, hiking, etc.).

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

When peeping into this year’s spring eyewear trends, we also need to mention bright, oversized frames that are taking over the world of fashion eyewear. Spring season 2023 will be all about going big in terms of frames and bold in terms of color.

If you’re not the one to opt for a low-key option, bright-colored shades coupled with a thick frame are a surefire way to complete your urban fashion makeover and make fashion-forward footsteps others will eagerly follow.

The Bottom Line

While there are definitely trends you’ll be able to wear beyond this year – such as the classic cat eyeglasses and timeless and thick black sunnies – knowing what’s hot in terms of glasses can help you look fab instead of drab. All that’s left is to select pieces that fit your style best. While you’re at it, consider stocking up on several pairs. That way, you’ll be able to match your sunnies to both your #ootd and your mood.

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