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Most Comfortable Women Underwear for Summer


Get ready for Summer with the best women’s underwear for the heat and humidity. High temps can make bras and panties particularly uncomfortable. Finding styles, fabrics, and cuts that work hard to keep you cool is important. Additionally, summer clothing can be more revealing. Whether you want a peek-a-boo bralette or all the straps tucked away, make sure you’ve got the underclothing to get the job done.

Best Bikini Style

Bikinis may be the most popular style of women’s panties. They are low-waisted for all your hip-hugging jeans and typically feature a higher leg cut for better movement. The minimal design keeps them cool in the summertime. Some of your best bikini options include:

Organic Cotton: Always breathable, organic cotton panties with just a hint of Spandex for stretch are fantastic for humid days.

Low-cut Legs: Try this option if the more usual high-cut leg causes any binding or slipping. If you are prone to wedges, this may be the bikini for you. 

Stretch Nylon: This fabric is super lightweight and delicate. It’s like a whisper underneath your clothing. The smooth and silky feel is particularly nice under jeans and other rougher fabrics.

Best Thong Style

Thongs are perfect under those clingy sundresses when you don’t want any panty lines to show. They come in a variety of fabrics. Try lace for summer. It’s light and breathable with just the right amount of coverage. There are also mesh thongs that are particularly good under workout wear. Wear mid-rise thongs under high-waisted shorts or slacks for a more comfortable fit. 

Best Padded Bra Style

It can seem counterintuitive to wear a padded bra in the heat of summer, but you may want the coverage underneath your super light summer tees. Padded bras can still work great in the hot weather if you look for styles that go easy on the foam. Check out the following:

Padded T-shirt bra: This is the quintessential summer bra. It gives you the coverage you want without feeling too bulky or heavy. Buy at least one to match your skin tone for your most sheer tops. 

Padded Plunge Bra: De rigueur for those low-cut summer sundresses, plunge bras lift you and support you for the best cleavage you’ve ever had.

Padded Strapless Bra: Sometimes you don’t want the straps to show. This is the bra you reach for. The padding shapes you nicely and helps lift everything into place for a beautiful and shapely silhouette.

Cotton bras are a good choice for breathability. Lace and nylon bras will be lighter and more delicate if you want to feel less weight on your body. For the greatest comfort, stay away from underwires if possible. 

Best Pairings

Matching sets are always fun. For summer consider lighter shades. Summer clothing tends to be lighter colored and you want your underwear sets to blend in. Lace and cotton are more breathable while nylon and other synthetics are lighter and silkier. Try sets in each fabric to learn what feels the best on your body. Then purchase multiples and enjoy your summer

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