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35 Best Styles of Facial Hair to Make Women Go Crazy


Styles of facial hair.

Undoubtedly, this is a trendy topic now.

Just like you, many men today wonder whether women love a circle beard or a goatee. I’ve done some digging to give you an in-depth insight about the type of beard you should keep to be the heart-throb.

Beard or No Beard: What Research Says?

 According to a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, women consider men with beard as more masculine, sincere, and confident. Moreover, a recent study affirmed that women love heavy stubble. If you’ve a well-groomed heavy beard, women will take you as a more mainly man. That being said, stubbly guys have more chances to attract women than cleaned-shaved ones.

When it concerns what facial hair styles make women attracted to you, the options are endless. However, if you’re looking for different styles of facial hair (both beard and moustache) you can pick, scroll down.

Beard Styles According to Face Shapes

Long Face: Sharp and pointed jawline.

Keep the beard short at the bottom and more at the sides.

Round Face: Round jawline, short chin and low round hairline.

The beard style should be short at the bottom with longer on the sides. Give it angles while trimming.

Square Face: The length and width of your jawline and forehead will be same.

Both full and short beard styles suit this face shape.

Diamond Face: Pointed chin, narrow jawlines, width of forehead and jawline is same. Above all, the face will have short in width and more in length.

Opt for full beard. Let the hair grows on your neck and the underside of your chin.

Different Styles of Facial Hair Women Prefer

1. Short Stubble

2. Salt and Pepper Van Dyke

3. Fringy Beard

4. Chinstrap French Beard

5. Verdi

6. Anchor Style

7. Chevron Moustache + Stubble

8. Short Boxed Style

9. Full Beard

10. The Goatee Style

11. Dimple Style Beard

12. The 5-Day Stubble

13. Circle Beard

14. Hipster Moustache

15. The Beardstache

16. Balbo Style

17. Ducktail Beard

18. Traditional English Moustache

19. Shaggy Short Beard

20. Mini Triangle

21. Lazy French Look

22. Defined Lines

23. Short Patchy and Goatee Style

24. Handlebar Moustache

25. Gunslinger Beard

26. Faded Beard + Undercut Style

27. Garibaldi

28. Medium Beard

29. Chin Strip

30. Corporate Beard

31. French Fork

32. Dutch Beard Style

33. Imperial Look

34. Hollywoodian Style

35. The Heroic Chinese Stubble

The Takeaway

Different styles of facial hair can add to your beauty. But, the stubble will make women crazy for you only when you choose the beard style considering your face shape and hair type. The above-listed classic beard styles are sure to make others jealous of you. All you need to do for that is to maintain and trimming them timely.

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