Coloring your hair requires money investment and care. And, it’s not a one-time job. Once the hair coloring is done, you may have to visit the salon regularly for brightening treatment and root touchups. Visiting salons regularly may not be possible especially if you’re a girl who still has to depend on pocket money. For you, we’ve picked some low-maintenance hair color ideas that look far better when grown out. Get ready to explore.

Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas

1. Cara Delevingne’s Sun-Kissed Balayage

Cara Delevingne’s Sun-Kissed Balayage: Low maintenance hair color ideas

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Sun-kissed balayage is a fantastic summer hair color that enables you to get natural-looking highlights. It features a darker top, tapering down to lighter ends, with highlights all through the hair. Consequently, your hair will have beautiful blonde tips. This is a low-maintenance hair color to style your strands.

Your hair stylist will blend the highlights naturally and you’ll get fresh-looking beach hair. And, that’s what we all want in summer.

2. Chrissy Teigen’s Chocolate Ombre Hair

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Ombre hair is a versatile and low-maintenance coloring technique. The rich and dark chocolate ombre hair of Chrissy Teigen is oozing an undeniable sex appeal. Not only an easy color but it also suits almost all skin tones.

Chocolate ombre hair is also one of the best options to add dimension and make your hair appear voluminous and fuller. This hair color will acquire a higher power of its own to drive men crazy.

3. Kate Beckinsale’s Brown Hair with Lowlights

Brown hair with lowlights: low maintenance hair color ideas

Lowlights for brown hair are a subtler alternative to highlights. This is also one of the low-maintenance hair colors. Lowlights darken certain sections of hair to create more depth.

If you’re ready to go beyond the solid colors, try brown hair with lowlights, and get the hair color like Kate Beckinsale. Being subtle, this color requires little upkeep. So, you don’t have to take out time for visiting the salon. Moreover, this hair dye is a good option for those who haven’t tried coloring their hair.

4. Gigi Hadid’s Light Ash Brown Hair

Gigi Hadid’s Light Ash Brown Hair: Low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

Light ash brown hair is a combination of dirty brown hues, blonde, and silver. It balances out cool tones in your strands.

Light ash brown is a trendy yet low-maintenance hair color. With the right product and toning shampoo, you can easily maintain this hair color. Light ash brown hair also looks stunning and vibrant for a long time. The lighter the shade you choose, the cooler the tone.

5. Sienna Miller’s Strawberry Blonde Shade

Sienna Miller's Strawberry Blonde Shade: Low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

Unlike coppers or blondes, strawberry blonde shade is much easier to upkeep. No regular pump or toning is required. According to the colorist for SHRD Hair Care at Kim Vo salon, Toyomi Ishikura, you need a touchup after every 6-8 weeks.

No doubt, the strawberry blonde shade of Sienna Miller is looking super-sexy. Consider this low-maintenance hair color if you want to get a chic makeover in the easiest manner possible. Get ready to make a style statement with this cool shade of blonde. Choose a color-safe shampoo to make your blonde highlights last longer.

6. Helen Mirren’s Lightened Base

Helen Mirren's Lightened base: Low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

If you’re looking for low-maintenance hair color ideas for aging women, here’s another inspo for you.

The lightened base is outstandingly good for those who are struggling with grey hair. This hair dye will let your grey hairs blend in easily as they grow. Moreover, this color doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. Once done, you can enjoy the color for a long time.

However, silver hair has the tendency to turn brassy as it fades. To combat silver hair’s tendency to adopt a brassy tone, you can commit to using a shampoo or conditioner with purple or blue pigments at least twice a month. 

7. Debra Messing’s Red Glossy Hair

Debra Messing's Red Glossy Hair: Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas

Image: Source

Generally, red is seen as high maintenance. But, natural redhead girls shouldn’t think twice before trying this color. First of all, go with subtle highlights. Then, move towards the shade you want to get for your hair. Give the hair an all-over tint by applying a red glossy color. Choose bright auburn if you have got a pale neutral skin tone. Similarly, ginger tones and strawberry blonde colors suit especially medium skin tones with a cool undertone.

Create waves if you have long hair to make this color more flattering.

8. Kim Kardashian’s Face Framing Highlights

Kim Kardashian's face framing highlights: Low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

A few subtle highlights framing your face can add more dimension to your face. This shade looks natural. Keep your natural base color as Kim Kardashian has done to brighten things up. If you want to maintain a simple mane, these soft subtle highlights will ease your job. Otherwise, there are many other shades for face-framing such as platinum, colorful hues, and so on. But, most of these colors require a lot of upkeep.

The blonde face framing highlights are also a creative way to draw attention to the eyes and mouth areas.

9. Rachel McAdam’s Pink Highlights

Rachel McAdam’s Pink Highlights: Low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

Pink highlights of Rachel will become an inspiration for those who don’t mind standing out from the crowd. Once you give this unique shade a shot, leave and the shade will look even better as it will grow out. If you’re about to attend a wedding event, get a romantic look with pink highlights.

We love pink highlights. They’re sophisticated, romantic, and delicate. Whether you’ve blonde, brown, or black hair, the pink hue suits everyone.

10. Dakota Johnson’s Babylights

Image: Source

Babylights don’t demand much maintenance. Unlike highlights, babylights involve coloring finer strands of hair. You don’t have to visit the salon every six weeks to re-color your hair. Babylights, surprisingly, tend to look prettier as your hair grows out. And since the colored sections are finer, and they blend into your hair seamlessly; frequent touch-ups aren’t required. They’re excellent at adding dimension to your hair, softening its appearance, brightening them naturally, and drawing attention to your features.

11. Kelly Osbourne Lilac Hair Color

Low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

Kelly Osbourne has been dyeing her hair in lilac color for more than two years. Lilac is a stunning and Pinterest-feed-perfect hair color that doesn’t need any maintenance. This hair color allows you to make a gorgeous fashion statement while softening your look at the same time. After coloring your hair in a lilac shade, a little root action is enough to maintain the vibrancy of the hue.

Lilac fall in the pastel color family. Use a quality purple shampoo and conditioner and deep condition your hair weekly to maintain the color for a long time.

12. Jessica Alba’s Tortoiseshell Hair

Low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

Tortoiseshell hair color is one of the low-maintenance hair colors for brunettes. You need to visit the salon once every three months to maintain this color.

According to George Papanikolas, the Matrix celebrity colorist, multiple shades of chestnut browns, honey blondes, golden blondes, and soft caramel tones are blended to create a natural and soft brown color. Anyone having cool or warm undertones can choose this shade.

13. Gwen Stefani’s Golden Blonde Hair

low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

Gwen Stefani shows off her curly hair both in color and in style when she attends a ceremony. The blonde hue makes a gorgeous look while the flipped curly bangs create a retro vibe. 

If you have fair skin that burns easily, and blue or green eyes, you’ll look like a natural blonde with blonde hair. Not only will this color give a positive vibe to your personality but also is easy to manage.

14. Sofia Vergara’s Bronde Wavy Hair

Image: Source

Bronde is one of the low-maintenance hair color ideas. It’s kind to your hair and grows out seamlessly thanks to the natural way that the color is placed.

Bronde is a color technique that fuses brown and blonde, to create a flattering, sun-kissed color result. If you’ve never had color before or are afraid of too drastic a change, Bronde could be the ideal technique to try.

15. Hailey Baldwin’s Blue Bob

Image: Source

Hailey Baldwin’s blue bob is rocking. Funky, crazy, and yet easy to maintain. you’ll have to touch up a color about every two months to maintain it. Use a purple shampoo and wash your hair less often to make the hair lasting.

From a bright cobalt blue to a muted icy blue, there are so many ways to rock this look and make it your own.

16. Rihanna’s Two-Toned Hair

Image: Source

Double colors are extremely trendy. Rihanna’s dark brown and caramel shade can make you try these chunky streaks. Needless to say, two-toned hair colors have a ‘notice-me’ approach. If you use a semi-permanent shade, the tones won’t require much upkeep. Either you can choose contrasting colors or can go with a hidden layer of color. As too many options are available for you, we recommend asking a hair colorist before proceeding.

17. Kristen Stewart’s Fiery Red Hair Color

Image: Source

Don’t have time for the upkeep of your hair color? Then, try a fiery red shade like Kristen Stewart. Being one of the low-maintenance hair colors, many celebrities are opting for this shade.

While choosing a red hair shade, go for a shade darker than your desired hue. Also, wash your hair with cold water to ensure longer life of the color.

18. Laverne Cox’s Mushroom Brown Hair

Low maintenance hair color ideas

Image: Source

Last but not the least, mushroom brown is one of the low-maintenance hair color ideas we’ve listed for you. Though pretty similar to an ash blonde hue, the color inclines more towards grey. This cool tone is extremely growing in popularity. Start with a cool brunette base to get your desired brown shade. If you prefer cool-toned colors, this shade is for you.

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