Ripped jeans with their cool-girl vibe have no longer stopped at knee-tears only. Rather, they are becoming more rocking with aggressive slashes up and down the leg. From street style stars to your next-door girl, everyone is looking for new outfit ideas to style her holey denim.

If you cannot style properly, ripped jeans can make you look sloppy. To look like a fashionista, follow these dos and don’ts of wearing ripped jeans. Keep scrolling.


1. Add a Feminine Touch to Your Look

Ripped jeans reflect a certain ruggedness. Bring some flirty and feminine flair to the look. For instance, wear a floral top or carry an embellished or a sequin clutch.

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2. Mix Colors

Sometimes, going monochrome is boring. Rather, explore colors. Create a combination of light blue ripped jeans, a black or white jacket, and a bright-colored beanie. This color mixing will give you a sporty and strong look.

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3. Wear it for Casual Events or Days Only

Though allowed in some offices, yet ripped jeans are strictly a casual dress code. They are mainly appropriate for weekends and evenings. Choose them for the event allowing you to dress casually.

4. Pull Off Ripped Jeans to Attend a Date Night

Tailored ripped jeans are a chic option for date nights. Bring sophistication to the look by layering a structured blazer on your top. Ditch your sneakers for pointy-toed pumps.

5. Pair Ripped Boyfriend Jeans with Heels

Denim pants having above-the-ankle folds are called boyfriend jeans. Team your ripped boyfriend jeans up with heels. You can choose any type of heels like pumps, ankle boots with heels, stiletto sandals, etc.

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1. Don’t Wear All Ripped

Throwing on too many ripped clothing pieces can make you look like a star in a slasher film. Therefore, wear an un-tattered top with your distressed denim.

2. Don’t Choose Too Ripped Jeans

Many jeans are too ripped on top. Showing your skin is okay but it should be in a balanced proportion. Hence, make sure the jeans you’re wearing is not too holey. It may affect your impression on others.

3. Don’t Match a Crop Top with Ripped Jeans

Crop tops are good as they allow you to show off your amazing midriff. But, when you’re wearing ripped jeans, you should focus on exposing the legs’ skin. For this reason, we think a crop top and ripped jeans aren’t a good combination.

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4. Don’t be Dressed in All Baggy Pieces

If you don’t want to get a laidback and lazy feel in your outfit, avoid wearing too many baggy pieces all at once. For instance, never wear an oversized top with baggy ripped jeans. Pay attention to the proportion while choosing your outfits. Pair the ripped jeans with other slim fit staples.

5. Don’t Restrict Yourself to Blue and Black Jeans Only

Blue and black jeans are common. Almost all women have these two colors of jeans in their wardrobe. If you don’t mind going overboard in playing with colors, try the neon jeans. Neon colored ripped jeans are unique and these jeans will reflect the colorful and bolder you.

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