Smile lines don’t bring smiles to the face when noticed. Scientifically known as nasolabial folds, these are vertical lines that appear around the corner of your mouth. So, does smiling more giving you those lines? What really causes them? How can you get rid of it and prevent it? Okay, don’t get excited. You’ll get answers to all these questions right here. So, check it out.

First of all, let’s learn what smile or laugh lines are.

What Are Smile Lines and What Causes Them?

The lines extending vertically from the sides of your nose to the curve of your mouth are called Smile Lines. In certain cases, these lines extend to the chin. According to the plastic surgeon, Dr. David Shafer, smile lines are of two types.

a) Nasolabial Crease: The line between your upper lip and cheek is called Nasolabial Crease.

b) Nasolabial Fold: The tissue or skin hanging over the nasolabial crease is known as Nasolabial Fold.

Both these types of laugh lines appear gradually. Many lifestyle factors are responsible for getting them.

Actually, smile lines are a kind of wrinkles that become more prominent as you age. Knowing the causes of smile lines may help you prevent their formation.

a) Smoking

b) Sun exposure

c) Loss of skin elasticity with aging

d) Genetics

e) Dehydrated skin

At What Age do Smile Lines Appear?

Generally, smile lines start to appear at the age of 20s and 30s. While young, you may have observed the smile lines come only when you’re smiling or laughing. But, these lines go away automatically without leaving any traces.

But, as you age and crosses the threshold of 30, these lines don’t go away when you relax your face after smiling.

Treatment Options to Get Rid of Smile Lines


Botox fades the appearance of smile lines temporarily. Generally, the effect lasts for 3 to 6 months. This is a non-invasive procedure for smoothing the creases around the mouth by relaxing muscles.

An injection containing Botulinum toxin is injected around the mouth for relaxing the muscles. As the muscles are relaxed, the appearance of laugh lines is also slowed down. Your plastic surgeon will inject the toxin into the facial muscles to weaken or freeze them. Hence, any wrinkles formed due to repeated muscle movements start to disappear.

Within a few days of your botox treatment, you’ll start to observe positive results.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a kind of skin resurfacing technique. In this treatment method, the topmost layer of skin cells is removed. The aim of laser therapy is to stimulate collagen production. Consequently, you’ll be able to regain the lost elasticity of your skin. This, in turn, will make your skin look younger, removing all the wrinkles including smile lines.

Your plastic surgeon will make the infrared rays go deep inside your skin. It will trigger the production of collagen. After the therapy, the skin will look more nourished. The smile lines will disappear. However, the outcome may not be as dramatic as botox and fillers.

Chemical Peels

Amid the advancements in the field of cosmetic surgeries, the importance of chemical peels cannot be denied.

Chemical peels involve a chemical solution to remove the old layer of your skin. The new skin taking place of the older skin is much more refreshed and wrinkle-free. Light-haired and fair-skinned people are better candidates for the treatment.

A chemical peel is also a non-invasive method to reduce smile lines and other types of wrinkles. This treatment method will create a controlled wound, which the new skin soon replaces. Some of the possible side-effects of chemical peels are skin color change, scarring, blisters, and many more.


Laugh line fillers are a common non-surgical procedure to heal the nasolabial folds. Your plastic surgeon injects dermal fillers in the nasolabial region. The dermal fillers smooth out the folds and lift up the laugh lines.

Cannula or needles are used to inject nasolabial fillers. Dermal fillers are soft gels injected for face sculpting and removing folds. Once the effect of the treatment starts, the results will become visible gradually. No doubt, it is one of the safest methods out there to reduce the appearance of smile lines.

Unfortunately, the medical treatments for smile lines are expensive. Moreover, you need to find a reliable skin clinic to get the treatment. Otherwise, the results may be negative or may not meet your expectations. Thankfully, there are some inexpensive ways to bid adieu to your smile lines. And, you can do that easily by making certain changes in your lifestyle.

How to Treat Smile Lines without Needles?

Good lifestyle habits as a young adult can go a long way to treat smile lines. But, you need to have patience as these habits will take time to show results.

Wear Sunscreen

Exposing your skin to sun rays for hours causes wrinkles including laugh lines. Shop for sunscreen having the right SPF. Apply it after every two hours on the exposed skin to prevent and heal wrinkles.

Exfoliate Gently

Dr. Yoon-Soo Cindy Bae, a board-certified dermatologist, and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, says gentle exfoliation with a cleanser having chemical or physical exfoliants daily is very important. Exfoliation encourages collagen production and smooths out your overall skin. All these will help to fight smile lines.

Do Facial Exercises

Face yoga or facial exercises are a great anti-wrinkle technique to reveal a younger-looking you. These exercises prevent and tighten your skin. They strengthen the cheek muscles, lifts skin, preventing the formation of crease around the corners of your mouth.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the effective ways to prevent laugh lines is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to enhance the elasticity of your skin. When your body is hydrated enough, your skin looks soft and supple. Also, the smile lines begin to fade over time.


Having laugh lines is common. Both men and women can have those irritating creases. Following a skincare routine is generally enough to fight them. However, if you’re becoming frustrated, then seek medical treatments. Consult with your dermatologist to get a treatment that will bring the best result for you.

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