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Colored Contact Lenses: How Safe is it For Your Eyes?


Colored contact lenses worn by the actresses of horror movies may inspire you to scare others this Halloween. No, doubt that will be exciting. Moreover, you can make it a fashion trend for Halloween.

If not white, colors such as blue and green are also becoming favorite of the party lovers. It looks superb when it concerns fashion. However, this focus on fashion may damage your eyes forever.

Contact lenses worn for fashion purpose only have different names like:

a) Fashion contact lenses

b) Halloween contact lenses

c) Theatre contact lenses

d) Cosmetic contact lenses

Is Prescription Important for Buying Contact Lenses?

Your favorite star may have brown eyes. And, you may want to look like her. So, you approached to a shop to get them. Here, you’ve made the mistake.

Buying fashion contact lenses without a prescription isn’t safe at all. Before you look for contact lenses online, visit your doctor. Ask him whether you’re eligible to wear lenses. Additionally, the stores must ask you to show the prescription before selling.

Contact lenses you’re buying has to be FDA-approved. On the contrary, if someone selling lenses without asking about the prescription, then the seller is breaking federal law. Therefore, it’s better to not to buy contact lenses from Halloween store, flea market, beauty store, or a street vendor.

What are the Risks of Wearing Halloween Contact Lenses?

Unlike the normal contact lenses that correct your vision, Halloween lenses are not good for your eyes. If you fail to follow the instructions written on it, you may suffer from the following eye problems:

a) Blindness

b) Decreased vision

c) Allergic reactions like itching and red colored watery eyes

d) Infection

e) Corneal Abrasion (a scratch on the eyeball’s upper layer)

Careful of the symptoms mentioned below after wearing colored contact lenses.

a) Painful eyes

b) Vision issues

c) Redness

Contact your licensed eye doctor as soon as you observe these signs.

What are the Advantages of Wearing Colored Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lenses aren’t good when worn for a long time. Still, it’s becoming popular day by day. So, what’s the reason behind its growing popularity? Let’s dig deep.

a) Contact lenses never stops you from applying mascara or eyeliner.

b) They’re a great option for active people.

c) You’re free to wear any eye makeup without worrying much about the lenses.

d) Colored contact lenses make you look extremely fashionable.

e) You can change the color of your eyeball anytime.

f) The cat-eye contact lenses easily match the kitty Halloween costume.

What to Consider While Buying Colored Lenses?

1. Not ready to compromise with fashion? Okay. Follow the factors before getting your lenses.

2. Take appointment from an eye care professional. Visit him and get your eyes checked.

3. Your eye doctor can also give advice regarding the fitting.

4. Find out a licensed ECP to buy lenses. Make sure the retailer is asking you to show the prescription prior to selling.

5. Strictly follow the instructions of your ECP before wearing the lenses.

6. Never share the lenses with anyone.

7. Choose only FDA-approved lenses.

8. The eyelashes you wear can also lead to irritation. Make sure they’re safe to use with your contact lenses.  

Are There Any Safe Ways to Use Them?

It’s not that you cannot wear fashion lenses. However, taking proper care can help you wear them without damaging your eyes. Some of these caring tips are:

a) Wash and dry your hands before putting them on.

b) Use the solution to clean the contact lenses.

c) Prior to wear makeup, insert your lenses.

d) Never use the lenses for a long time.

Colored contact lenses complement your fancy-attire. Wearing them for hours can affect your eyes seriously. Consider the doctor’s advice on the length of time too.

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