Stepping out in the sun can sometimes be a ‘big risk’ for us. Also, considering how long you must sit out there to get the desired tan is a no!

As Olivia from MakupBuds says, self-tan products are life savers and the right pick can offer what we want within minutes. Be it in the form of sprays, drops, or creams, there are many brands to try. 

Two such brands are Tanologist and Isle of Paradise, and if you are stuck between these two, then this Tanologist vs Isle of Paradise comparison report can help you out.


Without having to step out in the Sun, Tanologist offers a variety of products that will help you get tanned. If you thought the self-tan would just be some lotion, then nope, Tanologist offers Self Tanning Lotions, Wipes, Drops, and even Gels. As per your ease of use, you can choose among the options and get yourself a good tanning solution, as the brand claims you can use the little drops if you feel the creams are too much for you. 

The brand has proudly made ‘Buzzfeed’ say you will not see any streaks once you’re done with the self-tanning. With the wide range of products offered, Tanologist has different shades like Medium-dark, Fair-Medium, etc. Apart from these exclusive tanning products, other accessories are available, including Blending Brush, Face and Body mitts, Spray Bottle, and a few more.

Isle of Paradise 

Being a formidable competitor to Tanologist, Isle of Paradise has been on many lips. The brand offers customizable self-tan for everybody. It presents products that range from self-tanning drops and self-tanning water to self-tanning mousse. These products are engineered to give you a tan while giving your skin a good glow.

Isle of Paradise makes its products with skin-loving ingredients like grapefruit, avocado, and chia seed oil, which are rich in nutrients and vitamins that help with hydration and maintain a healthy skin barrier. Like Tanologist, Isle of Paradise has various accessories besides its famous tanning drops and products. These include Sprays, Applicators, Blenders, Mits, and others.

Evaluation of Pros and Cons

Tanologist Pros

a) Tanologist products smell great, unlike other self-tanners that have a weird smell.

b) Self-Tan Water from the brand is an easy spray-type product made from various beneficial ingredients for the skin.

c) Tanologist Self Tan Mousse does not clog pores and is streak-free.

d) The brand’s Drops mixed with a moisturizer lasts pretty long. 

e) Its products are easy to apply, and you do not have to struggle to get a tan.

f) These products do not rub off on clothes.

g) The brand is vegan, and people who avoid animal-based products can happily try it.

h) It is a cruelty-free brand and hence becomes a good choice for people who consider animal-friendly brands.


a) Some products, like the Mousse, can be very staining and can stain your hands while applying.

b) The products contain DHA, which might end up causing rashes.

c) Some users reported that the drops either did not color the way they wanted them to or turned their skin orange and patchy.

Isle of Paradise Pros and Cons

Isle of Paradise Pros

a) The brand offers a great variety of products with different shades.

b) Isle of Paradise is the world’s first brand that offers customizable, color-correcting tanning products.

c) It uses plant-based ingredients in its innovative formulas.

d) The brand uses various ingredients like avocado, grapefruit, and chia seed oil to help your skin stay hydrated and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

e) The tanning products offered by the brand have the immense ability to provide ultra-hydrating properties to the skin.

f) Isle of Paradise’s drops are easy to use and do not leave any streaks.

g) The Self-tanning water is made up of coconut oil, so you can rest assured that your skin gets the hydration it needs.

h) The products get absorbed into the skin quickly.

i) The brand is vegan, so it has become a good choice for many people.

j) It is animal-friendly and does not test on animals.


a) You might not know how many drops will be applied, and it becomes a guessing game.

b) The products can be a little expensive compared to Tanologist ones.

c) The products contain DHA, which might end up causing rashes.

Customer Feedback | Tanologist vs Isle of Paradise

A user named Ashley expressed her view about Tanologist, ‘Considering other reviews, I decided to go with the dark shade of the drops though I am light-skinned. However, I am happy I decided that. Initially, I used 5 drops but observed no change after a day. Then later, I decided to add up to 12 drops with my lotion to get a natural-looking tan. And I got it, but not as dark as usual in summer.’

A user named Bailey Hopkins said about Isle of Paradise, ‘I bought the brand’s drops and the mist in the dark. I have used it only two times, and I am already shocked by the results. After using it, my skin has turned dark, beautiful, and radiant. I have received many compliments from my near and dear ones about how my skin is glowing. After applying it evenly, I was around two shades darker, and this was within a few hours. This product has no smell, and applying it makes my skin feel radiant and moisturized.’

 Another user said about Tanologist, ‘I decided to try the Tanologist Mousse and put it on 2 hours before the shower because you are supposed to apply it for around 1 to 4 hours and then wash. After applying it, I saw no change after 2 hours. I thought that it might develop overnight, but I was wrong. I went for a patch test, applied a little on my arm, and let it stay for 6 hours. After 6 hours, I did get the color, but it was orange. In all, it wasn’t a success story!.’

FAQs | Tanologist vs Isle of Paradise

Is Tanologist sweat-proof?

The brand claims that its products do not transfer, and considering the reviews, almost none of them said much about it.

Can you wear makeup after applying Isle of Paradise products?

Yes, you can happily apply any makeup after using the products. However, note that your tanning products are completely absorbed into your skin.

Can you mix Isle of Paradise Drops with SPF?

The brand recommends not mixing its drops with sunscreen or SPF as mixing both of them might lower the effect of the sunscreen, and hence it might not protect your skin as it would have individually.

Is Tanologist safe to use on my face?

As per the brand, Tanologist has its products dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic, and are said to be suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, the products are certified with no irritating ingredients. Considering these points, using the products on the face can be safe.

The Bottom Line

With almost every point in front of you, it should now be your chance to decide the winner between the battle of Tanologist vs Isle of Paradise. Considering the range of products offered, both the brands are tough competitors and have pretty same products like the drops, the self-tanning water, etc.

However, suppose you want to consider pricing. In that case, Tanologist is more affordable than the Isle of Paradise, which has products that can be almost double the price of the former. In all, both brands are trusted by a lot of people, and since every coin has two sides, both brands have their pros and cons.

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