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How to Make Temporary Tattoos: 3 DIY Methods


Looking for how to make temporary tattoos can make you feel like solo searcher. But, let me tell you, you’re not alone. There are many people who love this decorative body art but fears the pain. However, they can escort to temporary tattoos.

What are Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are the tattoos created at home by using household supplies. You can apply them to the skin for a short period of time. These types of tattoos are painless. Therefore, they can be created on different parts of the body without harming the skin.

Getting excited?

Okay, let’s get started.

I’ve covered these are the six types of tattoo at home tutorials in this blog.

  1. Stencil Tattoo
  2. Eyeliner Tattoo
  3. Perfume Tattoo

Stencil Tattoo Tutorial

Things You Need


Scissors or Paper cutter knife

Washable markers or sketch pen

Trudy Lines, a renowned tattooist of Bang Bang Tattoo, NYC, said that minimalistic tattoos are in trend now. So, I’ll pick only simple designed tattoos to show you how to make a tattoo at home.

First of all, you need to make the stencil.

How to Make a Stencil for Tattoo?

Step 1: Creating the Stencil

You need an index card to make the stencil. Find a design you’d like to get on your skin. Draw it on the card. Use scissors or paper cutter to cut out the shape. You can try easy geometric shapes for the design.

Now, your stencil is ready. Let’s jump into the next step.

Step 2: Buy Sketch Pens

Shop for sketch pens or washable markers. When it comes to select the colors, the sky is your limit. If you ask my opinion, I’d choose black color as it will give a realistic touch to the tattoo.

Step 3: Apply the Tattoo

Clean the area and get rid of body hairs at that region. Make sure your skin is dry. Place the stencil on that part of the skin where you want to get the tattoo. If the stencil gets slipped, affix it with the help of a tape. Or, hold the stencil firmly as to make the stencil lie flat.

Take a sketch pen or a marker in other hand to color in the shape. Once done, remove the stencil, and allow the color to dry.

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Eyeliner Tattoo

Things Required

 Ball point pen

 Waterproof eyeliner 



Step 1. Draw a tattoo of your choice.

Step 2. Choose the area of your skin to draw it.

Step 3. Use a liquid eyeliner to give the tattoo a boldest look. 

Step 4. Draw the image on a sheet of paper and trace it on the place of your skin.

Step 5. Make the outline of the tattoo with the eyeliner. Do it fast as

the eyeliner dries fast. Use waterproof eyeliner as it lasts longer. 

Step 6. Color the inner part with colored eyeliner after it dries. 

Step 7. Use translucent or baby powder to dust the dried tattoo.

Step 8. Use hair spray or liquid bandage to prevent your tattoo from smudging.

Perfume Tattoo

Step 1. Choice a tattoo of your choice. Make sure that it will last little longer.

Step 2. Once you decided take the image from the Google and print it on a sheet of paper. 

Step 3.  Make the tattoo smaller than the actual size so that it can fit on your skin.

Step 4. Now spray the perfume on the paper until the edges and back of the paper is fully drenched with the perfume. 

Step 5. Soak the paper for 5 minutes in a hot water. Though there are chances of breaking the flimsy paper at any time. Better to handle it properly. 

Step 6. Hold the image firmly against the skin and leave it for 2 minutes. Now peel the image with hot rag or towel. The tattoo will transferred to the skin.

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