Hairy legs are a sign of masculinity. But, nowadays many men and women prefer shaved legs. If you want a straightforward answer of the question, “Should men shave their legs?” you may not get a ‘Yes or No’ reply. On the contrary, this question should be answered considering several factors.

When Men Should Shave Their Legs?

a) Your Profession Demands

Furry legs are a big NO-NO for all male models. Most male models have clean-shaven legs so as to allow audiences to focus only on what they’re selling. Similarly, if you’re a bodybuilder, then also shaving legs will become an unavoidable task for you. Bodybuilders shave their legs to make people visible clearly their muscle developments and definition. Hence, it means if your profession requires you to have clean-shaven legs, you’ll have no other option but to get rid of those body hair.

b) Your GF/ Partner Prefers

Your fiancé plays an undeniable role here. If you want to impress her, consider her opinion. However, whether you’ll accept her opinion or not is completely up to you.

c) Have Extremely Hairy Legs

Extremely hairy legs don’t look good especially when you’re in shorts. Legs having too many hairs affect the overall impression even of a guy. When that’s the case, it will be better to shave your legs properly before exposing them.

d) You Feel Like it

After all, it’s your body. So, the choice is yours. If you want to remove all hairs from your legs, then take a razor and go for it.

When Men Shouldn’t Shave Their Legs?

a) Not Confident about the Process of Shaving

Every guy isn’t confident about how to shave. Shaving isn’t that easy process. Not following the process correctly can lead to cuts and skin irritation.

b) Your Skin is Very Sensitive

Waxing on sensitive skin can lead to certain bad skin issues like scabbing, peeling, and redness. Better to avoid shaving if you have got very sensitive skin. And, if it’s absolutely necessary, consult your dermatologist.

c) Have Lesions on Legs

Infections of hair follicles, skin allergies, and injury are some of the conditions where you should avoid doing waxing. Many diabetic patients also have skin lesions. If you’ve skin lesions on your legs, don’t go for shaving as it may worsen the case further.

What Most Men Think About Shaving Their Legs?

As per a Facebook poll conducted by Men’s Health, only 15.3% of men prefer to shave legs frequently. 33% of men trim only the long hairs of legs. And the majority, 51.6% of men find it weird to trim their leg’s hair.

Here’s the result of the poll.

Atlanta-based male image consultant, Aaron Marino, explains, “Generally, men just take a trimmer to bulk down and shorten the length of their leg’s hair. They do so to avoid making their legs appear bushy and long.” However, he personally feels having shaved legs enhances the aesthetic appearance.

What Most Women Think about Shaved Legs of Men?  

According to a Women’s Health poll conducted on Facebook, 49.3% of women feel guys shouldn’t touch their leg’s hair. 28.5% of women prefer men who trim down their legs’ hair while only 22.2% of women find it awesome when guys have clean-shaven legs.


All in all, we can say that it’s your call. You’re the only person to take the decision. However, if you’re determined to get rid of stubby legs, make sure you’re using a good groomer attachment to complete the job.

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