Fall is approaching. With this change in season, your nail color wardrobe is looking for some upgrade. Though it’s not a rule to keep up with the latest manicure trends yet trying the season’s nail colors is fun. Especially, when you have lots of interesting options. The fall nail colors listed here will give you enough reason to welcome fall. Whether you’re planning to watch a spooky movie in the theatre or want to go for apple picking, these shades have unexpected newness. So, are you ready to try?

Best Fall Nail Colors

1. Burnt Coral Nail Polish 

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Nothing will feel more fall-like staple than wearing a burnt coral shade on nails. Vibrant and deep, this nail color will look stunning on all skin tones. For enhancing the effect, wear a black sweater and create the perfect contrast.

2. Smoky Lilac Nail Polish 

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You’ll see the smoky lilac nail color everywhere this fall. This nail color will be a treat to the cozy woolens. Tad luxurious, this shade is gentle on the eyes. Get a Cleopetra treatment at your next salon visit and flaunt your smoky lilac colored nails.

3. Shimmery Teal Nail Color 

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 Lean into the coolness of fall season with teal this shimmery color. The shade will jazz up your nails and make them ready for the upcoming festivities. Super versatile, you can wear this color with a bikini or a heavy sweater.

4. Olive Nail Polish


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 The olive nail polish goes well with medium and dark skin tones. The combination of brown and green forms this beautiful Olive nail color. If you’re bored with the summer bright yellows and pinks, enhance your nails’ beauty with olive green.

5. Metallic Purple Nail Polish 

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Do this color remind you of cotton candy? We’d say yes. But, the purple tone is eye-catching. This fall nail color goes well with jewelry pieces such as ring or bracelet as it is the shinning one and go with this sweater weather season.

6. Midnight Blue

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Embrace the moodiness of the season. Midnight blue is a shade darker than royal blue. The combination of metallic and shimmer has added to its gorgeousness. Girls who love vibrant and intense colors will love this nail color for fall.

7. Muted Neutral 

Classic red nails or neon nails give a look that screams. However, this is not so with muted neutral nail colors. Here’s an example of such a muted nail color. The neutral colors are sophisticated and sober. So, you can wear them everyday and everywhere. Doing some nail art can bring more life to this color.

8. Slate

Image: Source

Get high shine on your nails with this fall nail color. Slate is the fresh color of the season. This 90s color is back. And, we can see street style stars are sporting this shade. You can easily draw attention to your nails with this dark shade. Moreover, it suits all the outfits in your fall lineup.

9. Cranberry With Gold Shimmer 

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Pretty for fall and fresh, cranberry is a super-trendy nail color for fall. The gold shimmer in this cranberry red hue brings it up a flashy notch. Stack a bunch of some golden rings to accompany this chic fall nail color.

10. Glowstick

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This is the perfect color for any Halloween lawn decorations of yesteryear as well as for a party costume. This is a party-ready nail idea which you can wear if you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

11. Forest Green


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This nail color offers you a chic way to wear green that transitions from the days at office to the parties in nights in fall. If you want to give an extra stunning touch on your nails, try forest green nail polish.

12. Mustard Yellow

Image: Source

Surprised? Yes, mustard yellow is a creamy and rich hue that looks insanely gorgeous on women with dark complexion. No doubt, this shade is flattering. Choose a yellow color that comes with a high shine finish.

13. Hot Chocolate Brown 

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On social feeds of celebrities and on runways, hot chocolate brown nails are popping up. If a dark hue is your go-to, we suggest you to make a statement in brown with this nail color for fall season.

14. Jet-Black

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Super-pretty, edgy, and moody, the jet-black is one of the fall nail colors that so perfectly matches the festive mood of winter. Wear it with soft cashmere or with cozy knits.

15. Milky White

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The milky white paves the way for perfect fall manicure. This elegant shade shows that sometimes less is more. Give yourself a cafeteria mani that will last for a week. Almost all of us have a white sweater and this dreamy hue will compliment your fall white uniform.

16. Glossy Fuschia

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Fuschia is the enchanting winter nail color epitomizing glamor. This vibrant color is enough to fight the blues and will uplift your mood. Wearing this nail color will make you feel like you’ve escaped to the tropics. If you’ve almond shape or coffin nails, this color is perfect for you.

17. Beauty in Burgundy

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This burgundy hue looks more like wine. Nail polish reviewers, manicurists, and celebs are madly in love with this fall nail color. If you want to choose a color that is little less expected for fall, feel free to try burgundy. Adding the rich shade of fine wine to your makeup collection can be the best decision for the vampiest out of the bunch.

18. Sand Fall Nail Color

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If your heart is escaping to the beaches but your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you, have some beach vibe on your nails with this sand nail color. Though simple yet this color manages to look extraordinary. This new neutral shade is especially for those who want to pull together the looks with minimum fuss.

19. Lavender Fall Nail Color

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Lavender nails can be the perfect buffer for the fall season. From denim to plaids, this cool shade matches almost all fall staples. Your nails will look chic and refined as the leaves change color. Though you can choose it for any casual look, but it goes best when you’re heading to the office.

20. Ombre Nails for Fall

Image: Source

Ombre shade given an interesting twist to your nails. Pack two different nail colors to transition from one to another. It’s an eye-catching and gorgeous take on your nails for this fall season. Pick two soft tones like pink and white and blend them into each other.

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