Mustaches are always in style. No doubt, it’s an extremely masculine thing. Certain amount of confidence are associated with mustaches. It’s as if they’re saying, ‘Man, you’ve it. Flaunt it.” Growing a mustache is easy. But, maintaining its shape and density requires a little effort. Moreover, all mustache styles don’t suit all. Are you confused as to which mustache style you should pick? Well, here’s the complete guide for you.

Popular Mustache Styles You Can Consider

1. Horseshoe Mustache

mustache styles

Image Credit: The Star

No one has perfectly carried Horseshoe mustache as Hulk Hogan. Pretty badass, isn’t it? This style of mustache are for the bold hearts.

Characteristics: The style has full and thick mustache. Hair of the mustache extends from the upper area of the side of your lips to the jawline. Two strips of hair at your beard line will remain parallel to each other.

Face Shape: Triangle, oblong, and square

How to Grow

Horseshoe mustache is easy to grow and requires low maintenance. Steps to grow a horseshoe mustache.

a) Trim your mustache hair to about 1/5 of an inch. Let the whiskers grow long around the mouth.

b) Create a straight line running from your lips’ corner to your chin. Grab a precision trimmer to do the job.

c) Make sure the upper edge of your mustache is looking clean.

d) Use a mini foil shaver to clean excess hair in between the two vertical strips of hair on both the sides of your chin.

e) Move your rotary shaver to clean cheeks, chin, and neck region. Take extra care while using the shaver around your horseshoe mustache.

Famous Personalities with This Mustache Style: Hulk Hogan, John Lennon, Aaron Rodgers, and Jared Allen

2. Pencil Mustache

mustache styles

Image Credit: Hairstyle Camp

Pencil creates fineness. Hence, the name. The pencil mustache never overwhelms the wearer face. Rather it appears above your upper lip as a thin line. This style is classic and liked by most of the women.

Characteristics: Thin, narrow, and straight. It outlines your upper lip leaving a wide and clean gap between the mustache and your nose.

Face Shape: Oval, heart, round, and diamond

How to Grow

a) Use a trimmer to even out the length of your mustache’s hair.

b) Give the mustache a thin shape so as to make it look like a pencil. Always trim hair before shaving to reduce tug and pull while shaving.

c) Hydrate your face with water to prepare it for shaving.

d) Lather up the non-mustache areas using a shaving gel to prevent cuts and nicks.

e)  Go for a close shave using a good mustache styler. Gentle strokes are recommended for close shaving.

f) Clean the edges and define the shape of your mustache with a precision trimmer.

g) Apply a hydrating after-shave lotion to moisturize your skin.

Famous Personalities with This Mustache Style: Leslie Phillips, Brad Pitt, Clarke Gabble, and David Niven

3. Chevron Mustache

Image Credit: Facebook

Chevron mustache is the best option for those who have never grown a mustache. A chevron mustache looks like a flipped upside-down Chevron Corporation logo. It resembles ‘eighties-dad’, an old-school style. Therefore, most of the fashion-conscious guys avoid this style of mustache.

Characteristics: Chevron mustaches have an alpha-male impact. A full and thick mustache that lies on the upper lip of the wearer. It goes slightly diagonal from nose to mouth.

Face Shape: Square

How to Grow

a) Comb your mustache hair downwards. Set the beard trimmer to 3-5mm. Trim the mustache hair evenly.

b) Use a beard trimmer to trim the hair 1cm downward around the corners of your mouth.

c) Clean all the unwanted hair for a neat appearance.

Famous Personalities: Tom Selleck, Marc Maron, Henry Cavill, Mike Ditka

4. Beard-Stache

Keeping beardstache shows your impressive sense of style. This style is the combination of beard and mustache. Either keep the beard short or the mustache. It’s your choice. Extremely stylish and elegant, this type of mustache is a failsafe option for summer season when you cannot keep heavy stubble.

Characteristics: Stubble + mustache beard. The mustache resembles Chevron and Walrus styles. It is easy to grow. You may have to wait for 1-2 months to grow the mustache and 10 days to grow the beard.

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Face Shape: Square

How to Grow

Maintaining a beardstache style requires little bit of effort.

a) Create a contrast between mustache and beard length. You can create the contrast only when your beard and mustache are thick and full.

b) The mustache will droop down your mouth’s corner. And, the heavy beard will cover your cheeks.

c) Make sure the mustache is not extending beyond the jawline.

d) Use a quality trimmer to create the style.

Famous Personalities: Jeff Buoncristiano, Chris Millington, and Jamie Dornan

5. Walrus Mustache

Image Credit: BeardWave.Com

Walrus mustache is a strong style statement. Among the hippie movement in the 60s, the style witnessed a brief resurgence. Though it resembles a Chevron mustache style, yet it is not as tamable as Chevron style. Having a Walrus mustache means ‘you don’t take people’s crap.’

Characteristics: Rugged, bushy, and simple. It runs down past your lower lip. There’s no curve at the ends.

Face Shape: Round Face

mustache styles

How to Grow

Growing a walrus mustache requires patience.

a) Let your mustache hair grow bushy. You may need to wait for 3-4 months for it.

b) Don’t trim unless it grows to cover your upper lip.

c) Trim the length once it reached your upper lip. Comb it daily to give it a neat look.

Famous Personalities: Nick Offerman, Teddy Roosevelt, Sam Elliott, and Yosemite Sam

6. Painter’s Brush

Image Credit: Steeshes.Com

Public service officers and military personnel mainly wear this style. Many people get confused between chevron and painter’s brush styles. Both the mustaches are widest in the middle. But, unlike chevron, painter’s brush is not narrow towards the outer end.

Characteristics: The width of Painter’s brush is the same at all points. Generally, the ends are rounded.

Face Shape: Square faces

How to Grow

Painter’s brush mustaches are easy to grow. Plus, they require little maintenance.

a) Wait for a few days allowing the mustache to grow thick and full.

b) Trim the hair of mustache along the upper lip.

c) Make sure the mustache is forming a horizontal line above your upper lip.

d) Trim them at the edges of the mouth to create rounded corners.

Famous Personalities: James Franco, and Will Ferrell as Ron Burngandy

7. English Mustache

Image Credit: Hairstylecamp.Com

Classy and unique. You can do a lot of styles with this mustache. Give its ends a nice curl if you’re ready to style crazy. However, English mustache demands a good deal of grooming.

Characteristics:  The hair is thick at the philtrum of upper lip (philtrum is the divot at the center of upper lip). Ends of the mustache are pointed and waxed horizontally.

Face Shape: Long face with pointed edges

How to Grow

a) Allow the mustache hair to grow thick.

b) Use a blowdryer to push the hair up off the lip. Do so especially at the philtrum.

c) Shave off hairs from beneath the ends of your mustache. Make sure the ends are narrow.

d) Apply mustache wax to hold the tips in position.

Famous Personalities: Walt Disney, Vincent Prince, Jimmy Edwards

Essential Products for Styling Mustaches

Attention-grabbing mustaches are the works of art. Getting the right products handy is crucial to get the desired shape. Here’re some of the products you may need for styling.

  • Beard Trimming Scissors

Use of beard trimming scissors makes the cutting of mustache’s hair easy. Hence, invest in a high-quality pair of scissors to trim those hairs that you cannot trim with electric clippers.

  • Pocket Comb

Comb your mustache daily. This will give it a clean look. Moreover, the mustache will remain free of dirt.

  • Utility Balm

Moisturizing the skin beneath the mustache needs a shaving lotion. Pick a good moisturizing product to hydrate the skin.

  • Shaving Brush

A shaving brush distributes the essential oil on your mustache hair evenly. It also enables the hair to grow in the direction you want. Choose a small brush to comb easily.

  • Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is essential for styling. The strengths of each of the wax varies. If you want a natural looking style like chevron, shop for a wax that provides a medium hold. On the contrary, if you’re wearing an English mustache, apply a wax having a strong hold.


Does Mustache Trimming Make it Grow Faster?

No. However, tidying up scraggly ends will make your mustache look robust and fuller. Drink enough water. Take vitamins A, C, and E. These will nourish your hair follicles from inside. Finally, your hair will start to grow fast.

How Should You Comb Your Mustache?

The direction of combing depends on your personal preference. Brush your hair in the downward direction if you’re rocking a horseshoe, chevron, or walrus mustache.

Where Should a Mustache End?

Level the ends of your mustache with the corners of your mouth. Make sure your mustache is looking neat and clean. Trim it along your lip line. Guys with narrow face should shave the ends of the mustache. Doing so will prevent the mustache to look wider and will suit the narrow face shape.

What is a Good Mustache Length?

There’s no fixed answer to it. Actually, it depends on what type of mustache you want to keep. If it’s a handlebar mustache, growing it a little bit longer won’t hurt. On the contrary, some classy mustaches like the Pencil and the English mustaches look good with a length of 2cm.

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