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Shirt and Tie Combinations: How to Look Sharp Effortlessly


Your style and outfits express your personality. Make sure you’re not giving any wrong notion to anyone due to the outfits you wear. When it concerns the right shirt and tie combinations, people often make mistakes. For instance, wearing a light colored tie with a white shirt can be a stab in the dark. Matching the right color and pattern of the shirts can go a long way to improve your impression in any work environment.

Today, we’ll look at some of the basic shirt colors and patterns and how to match your ties with them. First of all, have a look at the color matches to make the right decision.

How to Match the Colors

Matching the colors using this color wheel is pretty simple.

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Now, how to use this color wheel? The exactly opposite colors complement each other. For instance, if the color of your shirt is red, then pick a green tie. However, consider the shade as given in the wheel.

Remembering this color wheel is little bit tough. Therefore, just remember, dark colors go well with light colors.

Shirt and Tie Colors

Always, avoid similar colors. You can go either with contrasting or with complementary colors. Contrasting colors are opposite to each other. Whereas, complementary colors have three colors in between them. For example, the complementary color of orange is violet.


No doubt, pairing contrasting colors are easier than complementary colors. Varying the shades is crucial while choosing complimentary colors. As already said, pair the dark colors with the lighter ones. While doing so, keep the tie dark color and the shirt light color. And, there’s no exception to it except for black shirts.

White Shirts

White shirts have endless options. You can pull off any color of tie with it.

Try these ties.

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Black Shirts

Black shirts are not made only for stage hands and mobsters. Anyone can wear it at an occasion.

But, it’s not there on color wheel. So, how to match your tie color with it? Go for fail safe colors like white, grey, or light brown.

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Blue Shirts

The pink or blue color gives you the opportunity to check your color-matching abilities. Textured, tonal, or patterned ties work well with these colors.

Pick mustard, pink or burgundy shades for the ties. It’s because these hues are a perfect set for blue shirts.

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Shirt and Tie Patterns

Patterns should contrast, especially the sizes, if not the shapes. For instance, if you’re wearing a narrow stripes shirt, pull off a wide stripes tie with it.

Here’re 7 types of shirts you can match with ties.

Gingham Check

Gingham means broad check. It is more for a party and less for office. Any silk tie with small patterns will pair up with it.

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Classic Check

Classic check gives you a smart casual look. These types of shirts are formal enough for the office. As these shirts have small checks, wear a tie that has another pattern and not checks. However, ties of any fabric will work here.

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Stripes on your shirt can be either bold or narrow. Whatever, pull off a simple patterned tie with it. The ties having polka dots, narrow diagonal stripes, or plain one colored will perfectly match.

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Mini Houndstooth


Mini Houndstooth shirts also have formal looks like the classic checks. The checks are so small that it’s almost impossible to see them with naked eyes. Ties having either subtle geometric patterns or bold stripes will look good on them. Solid colors are also safe options. But, avoid wearing a knit tie as it will make your overall appeal dull.

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Chambray looks more like a denim shirt. Generally, these shirts have soft colors and light surfaces. The light texture of these shirts makes them perfect for solid knit ties. Apart from it, patterned wool ties will stand out well against the rougher texture and casual feel of the shirt.

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Herringbone is the interesting and elegant cousin of plain shirts. These types of shirts have subtle patterns. Therefore, they get easily paired with any tie. You can even try a bow tie with these shirts.

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