Have hooded eyes? Don’t hide it. Flaunt them with amazing makeup tips for hooded eyes.

First of all, let’s see what hooded eyes are.

Hooded eyes have excess folding of skin down from the brow bone. The lids are almost not visible. Many people born with hooded eyes. Sometimes, hooded eyes can also result from aging. Generally, this epicanthic fold is observed in ethnicities like the Polynesians, Native Americans, East, Central, and Southeast Asians.

One of the advantages of having hooded eyes is that they’ll make you look sexy. But, you have to master the techniques of application to wear the look you want.

Many celebrities can be your inspiration for hooded eye makeup. Some of them are:

1. Emma Stone

2. Jennifer Lawrence

3. Blake Lively

4. Camilla Belle

5. Samira Wiley

These celebrities have always made their eyes look beautiful with the right kind of makeup. As their eyes appear to be smaller, they blend more at the outer corners to widen their close-set eyes.

Now, the question is how would you know you’ve hooded eyes? Many a time, hooded eyes are confused with droopy eyes. Here’s how you can find it.

How to Know Whether You’ve Hooded Eyes?

First Point

makeup tips for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes have no crease.

Second Point

makeup tips for hooded eyes

Deep-set crease with a heavy brow bone.

If yes, Congrats! You’ve hooded eyes. Woo-hoo!

So, are you ready to learn some eye-popping tricks?  Okay, here you go.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

1. Prevent Smudging on Hooded Eyes

Generally, makeup smudge on hooded eyes. Apply a primer or an oil-free foundation to hold the color in its place.

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How to Apply Eyeshadows on Hooded Eyes?

2. First, The Outer Corners

When it comes to applying eyeshadow, begin with the outer corners of your eyes. Create a much straighter shape. Then, swoop it out a little. Angle it up slightly. Use a small brush for more precision. Accentuate the angle to form a triangle shape with the dark brown shade. Once done, color the upper lash line with the same brown shade. This can be one of the ways to apply eyeshadow for a simple look.

3. Straight Line Technique for Hooded Eyes

The straight-line technique will make your hooded eyes appear bigger and lifted up. First, find the highest point of your eye, which is just above the pupil. Start by coloring your lower lash line. Take a tissue and place it where you put the lower color. Create a straight line from the highest point and straight the way out to the right. Your straight line should reach the tissue. Now, fill up space while holding the tissue at the same place.


4. Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Our natural instinct is to close the eye on which we’re applying eyeshadow. But, hooded-eyed girls should apply eyeshadow with their eyes wide open. It’s because finding the natural crease with closed eyes becomes very tough in these cases.

5. Blend at an Upward Angle

Choose hues you can blend easily. However, these hues have to differ in their shades of darkness. If you’re confused about the shads, go for a bright luminous color. Apply it onto the inner corners and base of the lid. Now, pick a dark shade. Color the top outer corner of the eyes with that shade. Blend the dark shades at an upward angle. This can be another way of applying eyeshadows.

6. Halo Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Apply a concealer just underneath the brows to sharpen up the edges. Take some concealer for applying on the eyelids too. Now, it’s time to color the lids brown (medium brown). After that, use rich brown shade on the inner and outer corners of the eyes for a halo effect. Leave the middle part of the lid. Blend well. Finally, give some gold hues on that middle part. Add that golden color to the inner corner of your eyes for a WOW effect. Finish off by applying black liner to your lower lash line.

7. Cut Crease Makeup for Hooded Eyes

makeup tips for hooded eyes

Image: Source

Put a transition shade above your natural crease. Now, apply the butter shade there. Take a small brush to blend. Darken up your fake crease line with the brown shade. Create a half-moon shape gently using a brush. Grab the mocha shade and do the same exact thing with it to deepen up the crease line even more. Apply the mocha shade to the inner and outer corners for a halo effect.  Connect them softly in the center for a fake crease.

Dab some concealer on your actual crease. Fill the center of the lid too with the concealer. Now, take a light shimmery color and pop that in the center. Put the mocha shade right above the cut crease to make the lighter part pop. Finally, blend the lighter color with the darker color.

How to Apply Liner for Hooded Eyes?

8. Tightlining

For hooded eyes, tightlining is the best technique for applying eyeliner. It will make your upper lash line more pronounced. Apply the eyeliner on the roots of your upper lash line. This is an entirely different style that you can wear every day. However, to make your liner last long, we’d recommend you choose waterproof eyeliner only.

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9. Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Winged eyeliner is a great go-to. Read the tutorial to know how you can do it.

a) Draw a line going towards your lash line. Look at the picture to get a clear idea.

b) Connect the outer part of it with the outer part of your upper lash line to create a wing-like shape.

c) It’s time to form the winged line now. So, extend the outer corner as is shown in the image.

d) Now, draw a diagonal from the mid-point of the winged line and join it with the wing. Have a look at the image. Fill the winged part.

e) Finally, color your upper lash line with the liner. Here’s the final look.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes
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