Not only sunrays affect your skin but also can damage your eyes. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, shielding the eyes with proper sunglass can give protection. As you know, various types of sunglasses are available online. Among them, rectangle sunglasses are extremely trendy and suit almost all face types.

Why Should You Buy Rectangle Sunglasses?

Rectangle sunglasses are surprisingly flattering. If you want to get a more casual look, opt for a rectangle shape. Unlike round sunglasses (which is more suitable for females), rectangle sunglasses from renowned brands can give you a more mature look while reflecting your personality.

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Below, we’ve rounded up some of the trendy rectangle sunglasses, which are unisex. These sunglasses will keep you safe while making you look cool and stylish.

Are Rectangle Sunglasses Cool?

For many people, rectangle sunglasses have become a style staple. Some of the most iconic Hollywood stars bring them into fashion somewhere in the mid1960s. Then, these eyeglasses again became popular in the 1990s. They are a super trendy eyewear style worn by many today, and are taking the fashion scene by storm.

Who Should Wear Rectangle Sunglasses?

If you have a round face, a rectangle eyewear with narrow features can be a good option. The rectangular frames of the glasses can give more angles to your face. Anyone having soft facial features can try rectangular glasses.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the trendy rectangle sunglasses, which are unisex. These sunglasses will keep you safe while making you look cool and stylish.

Best Rectangle Sunglasses from Renowned Brands

1. Ray-Ban Rb1969 Metal Rectangular Sunglasses

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Coated with 100% UV protection, this sunglass from Ray-Ban has non-polarized crystal lens. Being the world’s most iconic eyewear brand, Ray-Ban combines lenses and high-tech design to create contemporary look and reduce strain on the eyes of the wearer.

2. Hycredi Retro 70s Flat Aviator Sunglasses

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This vintage sunglass is composed of ultra-thin mixed material, which makes it lightweight yet durable. It is featuring an aviator silhouette and provides super protection while ensuring clarity of vision. The sunglass is anti-scratch and is available in a wide range of hues.

3. Gucci Pink Crystal Sunglass

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Wide frames like this look amazing on round faces. However, this sunglass is designed especially for women. The glossy pink frame is perfectly serving retro vibes. Whatever outfit color you pick, it will look chic. Gucci has created a perfect balance between easy wearability and subtle cool in this sunglass.

4. Braylenz 2 Pack Trendy Rectangle Sunglasses

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Reminiscent of the space-age goggles, the narrow-square frame shape of the sunglass has UV protection coating. The integrated nose pad of the sunglass prevents exertion of pressure on your nose. Match them with your winter outfits before stepping out in the sun.

5. Hycredi Small Rimless Eyewear

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The delicate temples and the rimless frame are enhancing the appeal of this sunglass. If you’re looking for a durable yet stylish looking sunglass for hiking, driving, photography, and traveling, give this a try. This sunglass is also available in electrifying colors like gradient pink and gradient purple.

6. OLINOWL Rectangle Oversized Rimless Sunglass

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For those who love oversized glasses giving retro vibes, can go for this sunglass. Composed of polycarbonate lens and plastic frames, the sunglass is lightweight. Furthermore, the sunglass is so durable and lightweight that you can remain wearing it even while working out.  Also, perfect for fancy parties and daily wear.

7. The Fresh Animal Print Semi Rimless Sunglass

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Retro fashion is back. Classic design of this sunglass makes it a perfect choice for all outdoor activities enthusiasts. The semi rimless style suits men and women of all ages. It comes with a tortoise shell and has composite lens and frames.

8. Suncloud Sable Polarized Sunglasses

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Alleviate eye strain and get a clearer vision with the polarized sunglasses from Suncloud. The polarized orange iridium mirror can give you a sci-fi look. Matte white plastic frame of the sunglass keeps it lightweight and makes it easy for you to wear it all day long.

9. Oakley’s Acetate Frame Rectangle Sunglass

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Oakley’s Kokoro collection sunglasses have Oakley’s Prizm lenses. Blended with O’Matter Stress-Resistant technology, the frame is extremely flexible and can withstand deformity. The acetate frame of the sunglass makes the sunglass hypoallergenic, and hence is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

10. Costa Del Mar Gannet Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

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The gray blue polarized mirror of the sunglass is an excellent choice for carrying out water and land activities. Naturally hypoallergenic because the sunglass consists of acetate frame. Rich color layering of this eyewear gives a luxurious and warm feel. Show off your style by choosing any of the colors from the wide options available.

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