Summer days are full of hot temperatures, excessive sweating, and blisters. You just cannot pull off a coat and head towards the office. It’s the time when your wardrobe needs a serious update. Push all your winter wardrobe essentials to the corner. Swap them with some summer business casual sartorial pieces.

As the weather heats up, you’ll like to wear light-fabric shirts and pants allowing some air to pass through. But that doesn’t mean donning on a short and saying, “I’m ready for the office”. Even if your office allows a lax dress code, creating the right ensembles is an art.

Ahead, we have shared some summer business casual outfit tips and looks for men to help you stay cool while looking stylish.

Choose Light Colors

Light-colored clothing has a cool and soft appeal. Light colors reflect heat and prevent you from getting hot. Some of the colors to opt for are coral, red, pink, and bright blues. These colors will also prevent UV rays from entering your skin. The more vivid the color of your shirt is, the more protection you’ll get.

If you have a soft corner for check or patterned stripes, combinations of neutral colors like white, green, and navy are the best. Most bottoms work well with these color combinations. Moreover, they’re office-appropriate.

Here’re some of the looks you can try.

Fabrics for Shirts

Some fabrics like cotton and chambray don’t trap heat. Hence, you can sit for hours in the office wearing these fabrics and without feeling too hot. Apart from them, linen and seersucker are also excellent fabrics for hot and sunny days.

You need to select fabrics for shirts and tees that will keep everything aired out. Make sure you’re throwing your shirts in the wash after each wear to keep them look neat and smell fresh.

Fabric for Pants

Among all the modern types of pants available, cotton is the best fabric for summertime. Straight-fit chinos and oxford chinos will look good and professional. Dress up or down these pants by going casually. Linen and front wool trousers are also safe options when the temperature has reached 90 degrees.

Jeans are an important business casual staple. You won’t get sweaty if you pick the right jeans. Replace raw denim with pre-washed jeans. For a heatwave commute, go for jeans using lighter threads. Consider these factors to get jeans you can wear comfortably during summer.

Here’re some of the summer business casual looks for your inspiration.

Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Slim-fit and short-sleeve t-shirts are your friends during summertime. While working in a heated office, a short-sleeve tee can keep you feel relaxed for hours. Unlike other clothing items, t-shirts never go out of fashion. Almost all offices where you can dress casually allows you to wear tees. Having open and airy fabric, t-shirts are well-known for never causing suffocation or sweating. In fact, there are very few tops that are as fleecy and soft as t-shirts.

Whether it’s your jeans, linen trousers, or cotton pants, t-shirts can match with any pants. For a casual business look, finish it off with a pair of wingtip shoes.

Denim Shirts

If you want a dapper get up and yet yearn for the relaxed casual, denim on denim will do the job in no time. Lighter shades of denim shirts are perfect for summer. Go for cotton denim as they’re “naturally soft and absorb moisture. Hence, they remain comfortable against the skin during summer, “says Kristie Rhodes, the woven fabric development manager of Cotton Inc.

You probably know that denim shirts can also be worn as denim jackets. If you love layering, check out this blog on how to wear a denim jacket. But, as it’s summer, we recommend not to add layers.

Check out these images on how to wear denim shirts in summer.

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