Leather pants are no longer a part of celebs’ wardrobe only. Rather, they’ve become a fashion trend that most fashionistas love. However, we can’t say the leather pants are as comfortable as your jeans or baggy sweats. But, they’re definitely chic, versatile, and a good option for your go-to office pants.

As you already know, winter is the best time to wear leather pants. And, the evolving styles will make you fall for it. Though skinny PU leggings are still noticed the most, yet the trouser styles are slowly overthrowing the skinnies. If you’re in the mood of shopping for some of the best leather pants, you’re in luck.

Scroll down to add the best leather pants in your wardrobe.

1. Bell Bottom Disco Leather Pant

Leather pants are amazing for a disco night. Especially, when the hems at the ankles are loose, enabling you to move your legs freely while dancing. This black leather pant is made ultra-gorgeous with dot prints.

2. Leather Leggings with Elasticized Waist

This slim-fitted and simple leather leggings is so easy to style. Wear any white cropped top or tuck in a shirt with this pant and look fabulous.

3. Faux Leather High Waisted Hot Shorts

In case, you don’t mind showing off your skin even when it’s biting cold outside. Or, you can shop it now and save it for the summer.

4. Black Letter Super Stretch Leggings

Exclusively for casual wear, this black leggings ensure comfort because of their super-stretch ability. Having a regular fit style, you can pick this pant for everyday use in winter and autumn.

5. Ankle-Length Slim-Fit Faux Leather Leggings

Elegant, zip design, and high-waisted. We love this leather leggings’ not-so plasticy look. Once you wear it, it will add a high fashion touch to any top you choose. The hidden zip design is further elevating the seamless look of this leather leggings.  

6. Black Faux Leather Slit Hem Pants

What’s making this leather pant my favorite is its slit at the hems. And, this detailing is making the pant sexier. Perfect for a date night or clubwear, the straight fit structure of this leather pant ensures comfort to the wearer.

7. Maroon Pocket And Button Design Pants

The functional side pockets that this maroon leather pant has can be a good substitute for your jeans in winter. And, if you’re bored with black leather pants, you can definitely try this color.

8. Faux Leather Bodycon Leggings

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Embracing your silhouette, this bodycon leggings has a buttery soft feeling. If you’re planning a night out, this leggings will make you stay comfortable as soon as you get in them.

9. Black Button Design Faux Leather Pants

So chic! Composed of faux leather, this pant can be your pick for attending any casual event. Apart from being extremely warm, they fit perfectly.

10. The Mixed Media Pant

Coming from the courtesy of the lambskin leather, this mixed media pant ensures enough mobility. The mixing of two colors is adding to the uniqueness of the style. This pant also has leather accented back pockets.

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