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Stop Making These Mistakes While Wearing Bottoms


When it comes to the clothing you wear on your lower body, a lot of women frequently make fashion errors. Ten typical mistakes that people tend to make have been identified. These errors occur as a result of people who make an excessive effort to adopt the newest fashion trends, even if they don’t suit them. In actuality, anyone can appear fashionable. Everybody can look fantastic in certain fashion trends and styles.

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Wearing Short Trousers

Too short pants can be more of an issue than lengthy pants. Removing excess fabric is simpler, but reattaching it can be challenging. Short pants were traditionally associated with ill-fitting apparel. Like Steve Urkel’s clothes, they may have been hand-me-downs, shrunk in the laundry, or purchased with little regard for style.

Mismatch Blazers

When your blazer and pants don’t match exactly is as follows rather than economizing, spend the money on the full matching suit. When you need to look more professional for the office, this saves you the precious time you would otherwise take to choose the perfect jacket. Additionally, owning a full suit and pair of pants gives you the freedom to mix and match pieces to create a consistent daily workplace ensemble.

Stick to One Fabric

Frequently, you choose the standard fabrics. What you ought to think about doing: Ladies, don’t restrict yourself to chino, rayon, and cotton pants. Consider wearing satin or leatherette pants for your business wear. These materials can give your preppy blazers and traditional button-down shirts a new, stylish appeal.

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Wearing Wrong Rise

The rise height of a pair of jeans, measured from the waist to the leg seam, has a big impact on how the pants look on a person. It’s critical to consider your torso length, body type, and other factors. For example, a tall lady with a lengthy torso may find that even high-waisted pants do not have enough rise. It’s best to look for a new pair in this case because they might not fit well between the legs.

Wearing Tight Jeans

Sleek jeans with their bottoms rolled or folded up may seem a little out of style when the fashion world is all about cropped jeans, which are jeans that are shorter and typically stop above the ankle. It seems as though this fashion is out of vogue right now. You have a few choices if you want to look your best and stay up to date with fashion trends. Getting your thin jeans custom-tailored is one way to ensure that they precisely fit the cropped trend. A skilled tailor can adjust the length of your jeans to suit your needs.

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