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How Many Suits Should a Man Own?


This is a question almost every man has in his mind. How many suits should a man own? Actually, the answer varies depending upon the person’s job.

A man who doesn’t have to wear suits for office can have only three in his wardrobe. But, if you’re the one who needs to throw on suits for the office, keep at least 4 suits in your wardrobe. Rising about the casual dress code is important if you want to present yourself as a serious person about your careers and clients.

The number of suits a man needs also depends upon his lifestyle. In this blog, we’ve listed how many types of suits you need and when to wear each of them.

1. Starter Suits: Who and When to Wear?

A suit plays an important role in a formal interview. The two best colors for interview suits are gray and navy blue.

Choose a simple design that is devoid of all kinds of fanciful details. Such a simple suit will never go out of style too. Even if you’re not preparing for a job interview, you can give these types of suits a try for attending daytime formal events.

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2. Business Suits: Who and When to Wear?

A man’s business suit symbolizes professional identity and official power.

Business suits are mainly for those who have to meet clients or attend office meetings on a daily basis. If you’re holding an executive position, then also business suits work great.

Dark colors are your failsafe bets. Charcoal gray, navy blue, and black colors work best as officewear. Avoid heavy or bold patterns. You can choose simple stripes. As you’ll wear it for the office, don’t shop for tuxedo suits. Rather, look for a suit having a professional appeal.

As business suits are strictly ‘officey’, you shouldn’t pull them off for any wedding event. They are good only as officewear. Pair your suit with a light-colored shirt and a dress pant to create a good impression on your superiors, colleagues, and clients.

Some of the business suits you can shop for are:

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3. Casual Suits: Who and When to Wear?

Any light-colored, unlined, or half-lined, lightweight suit can be considered a casual suit. The casual suits are perfect for a daytime event, beach weddings, or for attending any nightclub.

Tweed or corduroy suits having shoulder padding or fanciful details are also good picks for casual events. Unlike business suits, casual suits have a relaxed fit.

Here’re our editorial picks for casual suits.

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When it comes to owning suits, the ideal number is 3. In case, you are confused about the colors, opt for blue. Pick two different shades of blue, navy, and sky blue. These two will meet your needs for casual and formal occasions. The other safe color would be gray. Hence, if you have these three different suit colors in your wardrobe, it’s more than sufficient.

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