Plump lips have become a standard of beauty. And, a lip filler is the quickest way to own a sexy pout. However, some people suffer from filler lumps after the surgery. Therefore, you should know how to massage lip filler lumps, especially if you have the problem.

In this blog, you’ll learn why lip fillers are formed and how to massage out lip filler lumps at home.

What Causes Lip Filler Lumps?

Lip filler lumps are very common. These are small bumps, which you can have during the post-treatment period. Oftentimes, they’re inflammatory response to the filler. The deposition of filler in an uneven way causes lip filler lumps.

In rare cases, lip filler lumps are caused by a vascular block or due to an infection.

But, fret not. Here, you’ll know some easy-to-follow methods of massaging lip filler lumps.

When Should You Start Massaging Your Lips After Filler?

Within the first 48 hours of receiving the injection, you can start massaging your lips. Andy Shieh, an AACD affiliated cosmetic dentist, says lip massage is highly recommended after lip augmentation. It will smooth out all bumps and lumps. After massaging, moisturize.

If you’re worried too much about moving the filler, ask your practitioner to do this for you. However, people undergoing lip filler for the first time should avoid kissing or massaging immediately after the procedure. Keep a gap of atleast 24 hours before your lip massage.

How to Massage Lip Filler Lumps

What Happens If You Massage Lip Filler Lumps?

Massaging lips after fillers can help you get rid of lumps and bumps. According to the aesthetic physician, Dr. Barbara Kubicka of Clinicbe, London, lip massage is the ‘real secret’ of beautiful lips after fillers. Massaging ensures even distribution of the product. Lip massaging also helps the product to settle. It’s also important for a natural-looking finish, enhancing the proportions and shape of your lips. 

Generally, there’s no need to massage the lips on your own. It is done right after the treatment by the doctor. But, if you want to massage the lips, be very careful. Remember the tips and facts shared below to prevent lip filler migration.

Should You Massage Lip Filler Lumps?

Dr. Jonathan Sykes, one of the most respected board certified plastic surgeons in the United States, once said in an interview,

“I think the question of whether I should massage or not depends little on who injects you. I like to have the patient gently massage their lips. They should avoid tight compress because it will squash the product early on and it will get pushed into a different area. But if they’re mildly compressing, the swelling around the filler will be minimized.”

How to Massage Lip Filler Lumps?

There are 2-3 ways of massaging the lips. We’ve researched a lot and brought to you these three ways. Your practitioner is the best person to advice. Some of the common methods according to the experts are discussed below.

a) Method 1

The MD and FACS of Weinstein Plastic and Ambulatory Surger Center, New Jersey, Larry Weinstein has explained in detail how to massage lips after fillers. According to him, use your thumb and forefinger to work around your lips slowly. Gently press and roll your lips in between the fingers. Make sure the pressure is firm yet gentle. Avoid over-massaging as it may dissipate the product altogether.

b) Method 2

Simply rolling your lips amongst one another also works, said Andy Shieh, an AACD affiliated cosmetic dentist.

c) Method 3

Suggested by Taylor, one of the clinical assistants at Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine, Pennsylvania.

Gently, put your thumb inside the upper lip and the forefinger on the outer surface. Press the lips slowly.  Start from one end of the lip and move towards the other end. Do it for your lower lip too. Watch this video to understand the process completely.

How Often to Massage Lips After Fillers?

Do the lip massage three times a day for 30 seconds for the next three days (of course, you should wait for 24hours after the treatment). The pressure you apply should be firm but not a tight compression. Tightly compressing the lips will squash the product.

Points to Remember While Massaging Lip Filler Lumps

1. Massage with a Clean Hand

Mind it, you’re going to touch your lips. Hence, make sure your hands are cleaned thoroughly. Or, you can wear gloves for massaging.

2. Scrub Your Lips

Apply a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. The accumulation of dead skin cells can also cause lumps.

3. Apply a lip care

According to Dr. Dascha Berek of Lieb Dein Gesicht of Bochum, Germany, lip care softens the tissue and makes the massage more comfortable for the patient.

4. Know Where to Massage More

Focus more at the nasolabial fold. Also, massage gently more at those areas where you have lumps.

5. Be Gentle

Be gentle on your lips while brushing or washing your mouth atleast for the first 48 hours after the lip filler. Plus, go for gentle circular motion while massaging.

Don’ts for Lip Massaging

a) Avoid using any hard cleaning brush or lip exfoliators within 24hours of the treatment.

b) Steer clear from alcohols.

c) Also, stay away from drinking anything using straw.

d) Don’t go for a facial massage for atleast two weeks of undergoing a filler treatment.

e) Avoid flying within seven days of your treatment.

How Long are Lips Lumpy After the Fillers?

The lump usually resolves itself within one to two weeks. Mona Seresht, Cosmetic Dermatology & Plastic Surgery PA-C, Aesthetic MdR commented that sometimes it takes a little while for the filler to completely integrate with the tissue. After the 2-week mark, if you’re still experiencing some minor bumps, it’s best to consult with your doctor.

When Shouldn’t You Massage Directly the Lip Filler Lumps?

How to Massage Lip Filler Lumps

Image: Source

Generally, massaging smooth out lip filler lumps. But, if your lump is stuck and hard, use hyaluronidase to soften the lump. Injecting hyaluronidase will break the lump up. Once broken, massage the lumps to push it gently close to the surface to help it come out.

How to Prevent Lip Filler Lumps from Forming?

a) Never overfill your lips. Overfilling can trigger the lump formation.

b) Wait for 24hours after the filler treatment to start a massage.

c) Go for cold compress. Apply ice on your lips 15minutes after the lip injection.

The Bottom Line

Lip filler is an effective and safe treatment. However, the result depends very much on your injector, the product used, and the aftercare. Ask your practitioner when and how to massage lip filler lumps, especially if you have pain. The outcome varies from person to person. Avoid applying pressure in the area to prevent the risk of infection. Also, know the warning signs to get timely help from your practitioner.





































































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