Eyelash extensions enhance the look of natural lashes. For those who don’t have feathery and dark lashes, eyelash extensions can be a great alternative. And, that’s why the hitting of false lashes in the market created a buzz in the fashion isle. So, when it’s popular among the fashionistas, shouldn’t you use them too? Or, should you learn the eyelash extensions pros and cons before trying them? In our opinion, you should go with the second.

Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons


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1. Saves Time

Studies have shown that women spent near about 55minutes in doing makeup. Makeup is challenging for many women. Especially, gobbling three coats of mascara. The trend of this false lashes has completely erased the need to apply mascara. (However, you can still use mascara, if you love). In this way, the eyelash extensions definitely saves time, which you can invest in beautifying other features of your face.

2. Various Options are Available

The celebrity lash expert of Envious Lashes, Clementina Richardson says to Refinery29, “Nowadays there are several different textures for lash extensions.” Whereas premium faux-mink fiber lashes are light and flexible, ultra-silk lashes are very soft. If you love more drama, pick ultra-silk lashes.

All in all, you will get plethora of options to get a natural look. At the same time, the extension you chose will also suit your needs.

3. Looks Gorgeous

Eyelash extensions look natural and fluffy. They make you look gorgeous with an all-natural makeup approach. Your eyes pop. No doubt, they will boost your confidence level by turning your small lashes into bushy and long lashes.

4. Can be Customized

Regular falsies adopt a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ approach. However, eyelash extensions can be customized. Decide the fullness, size of your eyelid, and volume to pick the right extension type. You can also go for something that will only highlight the shape of your eyes. Due to this feature, extensions highlight the facial features more than the strip lashes.

5. Long Lasting

Eyelash extensions are attached to the lash itself. So, how long they will last depends on the natural growth cycle of your lashes. They fall off when your natural lashes fall. Generally, the extensions last for about six weeks. On the other hand, strip lashes lasts for only about 24hours maximum.

Tip: Increase the Lifespan of Your Lash Extensions

Apply lash conditioner on the extensions. Use a dry spoolie brush to comb your eyelashes gently.

6. Eliminates the Need of Applying Mascara

Put an end to all mascara mishaps by opting for extensions. Many women mess up while applying mascara. Wrong way of applying mascara can cause flakes, clumps, and smudges. And, when you try to clean them, the makeup around your eye area gets worsen.

However, there’s no such problem with extensions. Wear them for once and enjoy having fluttery lashes for weeks.

7. Waterproof

Eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes with the help of a medical glue. As such, they don’t fall off. Being waterproof, they won’t lose their beauty or shape even after you wash your face. Though they need some maintenance, yet you can wear them even while taking shower without worries.


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1. Can Cause Allergies

The use of glue can trigger allergies or skin irritations. You may experience itching, pain, bloodshot eyes, and burning in the eye and the eyelid. Most of the times, unsanitary conditions lead to such complications.

Avoid using adhesives containing formaldehyde. It’s because formaldehyde also cause allergic reactions. Furthermore, if you’re allergic to latex, make sure your extensions are latex-free.

2. They’re Pricey

Tirzah Shirai, founder of Blinkbar, said that having an eyelash extension is a costly affair. Depending upon your technician and the lash type, the price of extensions generally ranges from $120 t0 $200. And, this is only the starter set.

After every 5-6 weeks, you have to replace them. On an average, the touch up cost stands to $100 minimum.

Having extensions isn’t a one-time process. In fact, it’s like a recurring investment. You have to keep aside a certain sum of money to go on wearing them.

3. Can Ruin Your Natural Lashes

Eyelash extensions are clusters having bunch of pre-glued lashes. As bunch of lashes are glued together, they become pretty heavy. So, when they’re affixed on your natural lashes, the extensions affect them.

Many a time, lash clusters sticking to the lashes speeds up the shedding process of the natural lashes. If this happens with you, you may suffer temporary or even permanent loss of eyelashes.

4. Requires Maintenance

Regular cleaning and brushing are vital to keep your lash extensions in shape. Once you start to use them, include lash care in your daily beauty regimen. Ask your technician how to care for the lashes. If possible, do online research beforehand. Also, avoid using hot shower while using them. Hot water can create pressure, resulting into faster shedding.

How Lash Extensions are Being Done?

Watch this video to get an idea of the procedure of sticking lashes.

Who Shouldn’t Get Extensions?

Anyone who is above 18years and doesn’t have the following medical conditions can go for lash extensions.

a) Alopecia Areata: An autoimmune disorder resulting in loss of hair from scalp. Eyelashes, and brows.

b) Blepharitis: Inflammation of the eyelids’ edges.

c) Trichotillomania: The patient feels an irresistible urge to pull out hair from different parts of body.

d) Eyelid Dermatitis:  Eczema of the eyelid leading to burning and itching sensations.

e) Chemotherapy: People undergoing any kind of radiation therapy like chemotherapy should avoid this procedure.

Risks of Having Eyelash Extensions

The American Academy of Ophthalmology says there are certain risks associated with having extensions. These are:

a) Infection of the cornea

b) Eyelid infection

c) Skin irritation of the eyelid

d) Can cause temporary or permanent lashes

e) Lead to traction alopecia

f) Ruining of your normal lashes

However, it likely won’t damage your vision.

When Should You Get Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are not for budget-strapped people. It’s costly, as already mentioned. Therefore, we’d suggest you to go for it only if you have to attend any occasion. For occasions like parties and weddings, showing off fluttery eyelashes can bring you to limelight.

Avoid having such extensions during normal days. Also, you have to take proper care of the lashes once you apply them. Any mistake can damage the shape and beauty of the lash extensions.

Is it safe to do your own lash extensions?

DIY methods are there to apply eyelash extensions. But, they’re not recommended. It’s because trying to stick the extensions yourself on your natural lashes can cause damage to your eyelashes. Furthermore, even a slight mistake can damage your eyeballs too. The fumes from the glue can enter your eyes resulting into severe damage.

Doing it on your own can also hurt the lash follicles. Consequently, your lashes will start to fall off quickly. On the other hand, when a certified professional carries out the procedure, he or she will follow the guidelines and sanitary rules to perform the application properly. That being said, give enough time to find a certified and experienced aesthetician.

Makeup Tips for Eyelash Extensions

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If you want to pump up the drama of your lashes, applying eye makeup the right way is significant. Avoid overuse of brushes and fingers as they can disturb your delicate lashes.

Here, we have answered two common questions regarding eye makeup after having extensions. Go ahead.

Can You Wear Mascara With Eyelash Extensions?

The short answer is, Yes. However, that depends upon the lash extension you are wearing. For instance, if you’re wearing volume lashes, stay away from mascaras. On the other hand, users of classic extensions can use mascaras having water-based solutions.

 Water-proof mascaras are a big NO-NO for women using lash extensions. These types of mascaras are difficult to take off. And, if you rub the lashes to remove the mascara, your artificial lashes can get damaged.

 Can I Wear Eyeliner With Lash Extensions?

Yes, you can wear eyeliner with lash extensions. But, avoid using water-proof and oil-based eyeliners. Oil-based eyeliners have oils in them. These oils can get dissolved with eyelash glue, when used repeatedly. Rather, use a powder eyeliner because it doesn’t tug at your eye during application.

 Points to Keep in Mind

a) Keep your lashes dry for at least 48 hours of applying the lashes.

b) Seek help from an expert aesthetician.

c) Make sure your aesthetician has washed his hands before starting the procedure.

d) Choose your look carefully. Learn which can give you a fake look and which can give you a more natural look.

e) Stay away from using any oil-based and water makeup products, especially around your eyes.

f) Go through the consultation form thoroughly to understand the whole process before undergoing it.

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