The shapes of natural hair make them the driest among other hair types. As they’re coily, oils released by scalp finding it difficult to reach the ends, which is why the ends of the hair remain dry. Just following a natural hair care routine may not work unless you invest in the best oils for natural hair.

How Oils Help Natural Hair?

Kendria Strong, the director of Marketing for African Pride told Stylecaster that including oils in the natural hair care regimen can benefit you in the following ways.

a) Restoring moisture

b) Adding hydration

c) Promoting hair growth

d) Preventing breakage

e) Making the hair more manageable

f) Increasing the softness and shine

However, all oils like coconut oil are not created equal. You need to know which one to buy and how often to use it to improve hair health.

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Should You Oil Your Natural Hair Every Day?

Not all natural hair need to be oiled every day. Actually, it depends on the type of oil you’re using. For instance, if you’re using castor oil, coconut oil, or olive oil, applying those 2-3 days in a week should be enough. These oils are very effective in locking moisture for a long time. Hence, they minimize the need to oil daily. Furthermore, oiling the hair daily is also not very effective.

What to Consider While Buying Oils for Natural Hair?

Keep these two factors in mind while looking for natural hair oils.

a) Porosity

Porosity plays a crucial role here. If you’ve high porosity hair, choose heavier oils to prevent frizz. Some of the effective heavier oils are coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil. On the other hand, women with low porosity hair should pick lightweight oils like jojoba, almond, and grapeseed oils.

b) What Your Hair Needs

Determine what nutrients are essential for your hair type. The Global Artist Director at Matrix, Michelle O’Connor said Byrdie that coconut oil reduces protein loss and repairs damaged hair. But, olive oil is more preferable if a woman needs to moisturize and strengthen her hair. Similarly, to treat dry scalp and to get rid of dandruff, jojoba oil is peerless.

Now, you know all the basics of hair oil. Let’s dive into to find out which oils can solve the problems of natural hair, compared to others available in the market.

Best Oils for Natural Hair

Coconut Oils

Coconut oils penetrate deep into hair shaft to add moisture, heal protein loss, and strengthen the hair over time. Here’re our picks.

1. Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Head-To-Toe Nourishing Hydration

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Enriched with proteins, vitamins, and virgin coconut, this oil allows your hair bask all of the required nutrients in less than 30minutes.

2. Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil 

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Silicone and paraben free. Maui Moisture coconut oil defines curls, detangles them, and prevent from becoming frizzy. Plus, use of this oil will also give you bouncier, shiny, and soft curls.

Know how to apply coconut oil properly on your natural hair to get the desired result. Below, we’ve shared a video to guide you.

Castor Oils

Brimming with Vitamin E, and Omega 6-fatty acids, castor oils are widely used to tame curls. Mix castor oil with some lightweight oils so as to apply it easily. Use the solution 1-2times weekly.

3. Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil

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This castor oil is cold pressed, hexane-free, and USDA certified. Use a tiny amount before bedtime to combat dry, brittle hair. Packed with powerful natural properties, this castor oil moisturize and softens hair without the harmful effects of chemicals.

4. Okay Pure Naturals 100% Black Jamaican Castor Oil

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 Made from 100% pure Jamaican castor oil, Okay Pure Naturals have made sure that this oil will go a long way to enhance blood circulation. As a result, your curls will get all the needed nutrients, thus growing into manageable, thicker, and shinier hair.

Watch this video to learn how to apply castor oil to curly and kinky hair.

Olive Oils

Olive oils nourish your hair fibers while restoring moisture. As such, they can be a dream oil for coarse, rough, and dry hair. However, too much application of this oil can weigh your hair down. For this reason, experts recommend using once a week before taking a shower.

Some of the olive oils you can use are suggested here.

5. Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy

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Gluten, phthalates, parabens, and sulfate free. Formulated with essential vitamins and extra virgin olive oil, this works great to improve manageability and repair damage. The soy protein and keratin in it strengthen the hair structure. Moreover, the oil is also known for giving your coils a long lasting sheen.

6. ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion 

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Restores natural moisture in your hair. Blended olive oil in it ensures a lasting sheen without making your hair greasy. This oil also protects your hair from the damaged caused due to heat of curling irons and blow dryers.

Check out this video to know how to apply olive oil on curly hair.

Jojoba Oil

The hair strands quickly absorbs jojoba oil. As the oil seals the moisture the best, many curly hair girls prefer using it. Being non-greasy, the oil is ideal to add to your conditioner or shampoo. Use it as an overnight hair mask to enjoy its lasting smoothening effects.

You can try the jojoba oils listed below to maintain your natural hair.

7. Cliganic Organic Jojoba Oil

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All natural, unrefined, and 100% pure cold pressed jojoba oil is used here. Rich in minerals and essential vitamins, this jojoba oil comes with a pump for easy application. Not only will it moisturize your hair but will also reduce breakage and increase shine.

8. UpNature’s Jojoba Oil

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This lightweight jojoba oil is ultra-hydrating. Therefore, it has become a favorite in the natural hair community. As this oil gets absorbed quickly, it won’t leave buildup on your scalp.

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