Fall is the season of layering. So, out with the tees, in with the jackets. And, this makes most people confuse about what to wear and how to layer. Plaid shirts, jackets, sweaters, scarves, all if worn in a wrong way can make you look frumpy. There are certain men’s fall fashion essentials you need in your wardrobe to look dapper this fall. We’ve rounded up 15 men’s fall outfit ideas you can try.

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Men’s Fall Outfit Ideas

1. Denim Paired with a Beanie

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A super common but safe combo when you don’t know what to wear. Denims are timeless. Wear a V-neck tee underneath. If you are a fashion-forward guy, go a step ahead by replacing your ordinary jeans with a ripped one. As the season brings with it cool breezes, covering your head with a beanie will be a cool idea.

We have written a separate blog on wearing beanies. If you want to know the different ways to style a beanie, read our blog here.

2. Textured Fabrics are Your Friends

Suede, woolens, tweed, can give you a fall vibe. Sartorial staples like suede jacket, buttery leather bomber jacket are the telltale signs of fall-isms. You can style with them in multiple ways. For instance, a shirt, a tie, a waistcoat, a suede jacket, and a pair of jeans/trousers can be a good combo for formal occasions. Similarly, you can add a suede jacket to your tee for a casual look.

3. Grey and Brown Colors

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A Grey and brown color combination is like a match made in heaven. Especially for men. Nothing screams fall like this color combo. At the same time, pick fabrics that can keep you toasty for hours.

A turtleneck sweater layered with a long A-line jacket of brown color can look perfect. Complement the look further by adding grey woolen blend plaid trouser. Such an idea for men’s fall outfit will be no less comfortable than your favorite tee and jeans combo.

4. Overshirts

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Overshirts are made up of heavier fabrics to keep you warm. Unlike a regular shirt, they’re worn somewhat looser. If the temperature isn’t too low, overshirts can work as a standalone piece.

Opt for a dark hued overshirt to achieve a smarter look. You can wear them over a knitted jumper or over a tailored trouser. If you want to get a utilitarian vibe, choose an overshirt having large utility pockets.

5. Corduroy Pants

Though underutilized yet has the power to make an indispensable pair of pants. As compared to other types of corduroy, wool corduroy is the most durable.

For an on-duty look, pair corduroy trousers with a button-down shirt and a knitted sweater. Similarly, go for a tobacco layer shirt jacket and corduroy jeans to give a modern spin to your off-duty look.

However, corduroy fabrics are not advisable for those who are prone to overheating. It’s because the tight knitting of the fabric keeps you warm for all day long.

6. A Leather Jacket with a Tee and a Trouser

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In all men’s wardrobe, leather jacket is a key piece. A good leather jacket will stay with you for years. However, their undeniably macho character sometimes makes them difficult to work with. To make your leather jacket work with other items in your wardrobe, pick a classic and simple design.

Wear them over your tee. Or, pull off a zipped up leather jacket without wearing anything underneath. Finish off the look with your favorite pair of jeans or trousers.

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7. Hoodies with a Denim Jacket

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Hoodie hysteria will continue as a broached upscale sportswear in its multiple forms. You can wear well-made casual designed hoodies at different occasions. Whether you’re heading to the gym, or just want a stylish off-duty look, pull off a denim jacket on your hoodie. For some extra oomph, replace the denim jacket with a leather jacket.

Look casual and cool and feel confident in such an outfit. Tone down the ensemble with a pair of black athletic shoes.

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8. Trench Coat with a Suit

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You must have seen trench coats everywhere during fall. Created with masculine taste in mind, trench coats are both fashionable and functional. Belt the waist tight for a slim silhouette. When paired with a suit, you look perfect for any official event.

Avoid lousy and baggy trench coats if you’re skinny. Likewise, short guys can appear taller in slightly cropped trench coat styles.

Moreover, selecting the right hue is crucial. You cannot go wrong if you’re choosing beige, taupe, or camel colors. Always, consider the dress codes before investing in a good trench coat.

9. Blazer with Shorts

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For formal to casual, blazers can be a great addition for your fall capsule wardrobe. Team your blazer with modern casual elements to create versatile looks for yourself.

If you want a relaxed style, choose an unstructured blazer, which can give you a relaxed aesthetic vibe. Being one of the common men’s fall outfit ideas, blazers are there in almost all men’s shopping list.

Go for a playful take on your style by wearing a blazer with chino shorts. Make sure the shorts is matching the color of your blazer. Finish off the look with boat shoes, sneakers, or sandals.

10. Scarves with Plain Sweaters

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

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Scarves have become a must-have fashion accessory for men. They are professional, casual, and cozy, depending on how you’re going to style with them.

When it concerns how to wear a scarf for something a bit fancier, don’t fret. There’re various ways to knot your scarf. You can try any of the knots while wearing the scarf with a plain sweater. Here, we’re emphasizing on plain sweaters so as to highlight your scarf more.

Check out this image to get an idea of how to make different knots with your scarf.

11. A Light Parka and Chinos

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

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The overall structure of a parka is less sophisticated than a suit or a blazer. A well-designed parka should be cropped after the hip. The slight chill in the air during fall needs parkas to compliment your stylish get-ups.

Guys preferring casual styles can wear a light parka with chinos. This combination can nicely integrate within your casual fashion mix. For a savvy choice, layer your parka on a knitted sweater. Infuse an added dose of style in this look with a pair of black sneakers.

12. Flannel Shirts As Jackets

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

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Typically made of cotton or wool, flannel shirts are known for their effortlessly cool style. Plus, the comfort they provide during fall is at par. If you’re looking for men’s fall outfit ideas, keep flannel shirts in your list for an edgy and new feel.

A plaid flannel shirt when worn as a jacket can instantly step up your getup for a casual look. Extremely functional and dapper, this casual combination can be finished of nicely with leather low top sneakers.

13. Shawl Collar Cardigan with Jeans

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

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A shawl neck cardigan isn’t easy to style. Find a cardigan, which fits you well. For the roomier silhouettes, the chunky sheerness of the cardigan match perfectly.

During fall as the weather starts to get cool, layer the cardigan over a polo shirt. You can wear the cardigan tucked or untucked. Also, keep it slim. When you’re wearing a shawl cardigan with jeans, it should fit your torso slight tightly. Else, it will appear as if you’re wearing a housecoat and not a classic menswear staple.

14. Rugby Shirts

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

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In the wardrobe of men’s style, rugby shirts have occupied a significant place. Blocky and bold stripes, a contrasting collar, and long sleeves, all these take your rugby shirt far above your ordinary tee.

If coupled with a pair of jeans, you can epitomize the style with comfortable and classy rugby shirts. Such a combination offers a stylish and timeless look.

Though available in a wide range of colors, yet navy blue with white collar is the best combination. Other colors that also look classic are brown, burgundy, and deep greens.

15. Blanket Shirts

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

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When the weather becomes crummier, go for the sturdy and soft blanket shirts. Their perfectly relaxed cut enables them to sit nicely over a long-sleeve beefy tea. As the temperature drops considerably, you can wear them under a trucker jacket.

Consider your general aesthetics and your mood while choosing the colors of your blanket shirts. We’d advise you to have 2-3 pieces of these shirts to pass the fall season comfortably.

16. kimonos

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Men’s kimonos may sound new to you. Men kimonos are perfect clothing for the one who prefers to go sartorial, edgy, and elegant during the fall season. A perfect fusion of legacy with contemporary fashioning which goes well with various seasons in the way it is layered. Pair up with tailored accessories along with formal jeans, and casual bottoms, and feel a new life – a new look into your office routines. 

Fashion Advice for Men’s Fall Outfit Ideas

a) Invest in a quality watch. The watch you choose has to fit you and make you feel comfortable.

b) Shop for dark green jeans or khakis as fall is the time to break out darker. Furthermore, they are great alternative to the standard blue jeans.

c) Use leather boots during fall for the extra dose of ass-kicking.

d) Suede desert boots also look perfect with different types of pants like khakis, jeans, corduroy, and woolen pants.

e) A pair of stylish wool socks can enhance your feelings when you slide your cold feet into them.

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