Trendy, cool, and versatile, chinos are popular among men. If you want a pant that’s comfortable yet stylish, choose chinos. Chinos are available in a wide range of colors. From winter office workwear to summer date nights, you can wear them everywhere. Once you know how to wear chinos with other clothing pieces, styling with them won’t remain a challenge.

If you’ve long been dedicated to jeans, the tips shared below will help you wear chinos the right way. Many people get confused between chinos and trousers. Here, what chinos actually are.

What are Chinos?

Chinos are less formal as compared to trousers. Generally, these pants are worn for casual events. It has American military origin. Dressier than jeans, chinos have cotton or cotton-blend fabric.

How to Wear Chinos for Office?

Dressing for work isn’t a stressful experience when chinos are there in your wardrobe. Chinos are perfect for business casual looks. They will be work-appropriate when the rest of your outfit is formal enough to make sense. However, all colors may not be a good option for chinos. Stick to these colors while wearing them to the office.

a) Navy

b) Grey

c) Khaki

d) Stone

Button-down collar shirts work well with chinos. Tuck in the shirt. Baby blue and white are your failsafe bet when it concerns the color of the shirt. In winter, you can add a navy blue, black, or brown blazer to keep yourself warm. Finish off the look with a more formal pair of shoes like Derbys, loafers, and Oxfords.

How to Wear Chinos for Date Nights?

You feel great when you look good. Only then can you project positive vibes all night long. Chinos go with almost any outfit. Hence, they’re nice for date nights. Like many other stylish and modern pants, chinos can be worn all year-round.

Don’t wear anything too loud. Rather, opt for neutral colored chinos like navy blue, black, white, grey, and brown.

how to wear chinos

How to Wear Chinos for a Casual Look?

Men cannot live on raw denim alone when it comes to casual dressing. Chinos are a great choice for a smart and casual look. When the temperature drops, pair your chinos with a t-shirt and a bomber jacket. If you want a summer-ready look, wear a casual shirt to compliment the chinos.

Denim shirts or a button-down shirt with a blazer for layering are two common ways to dress up the chinos. To highlight the casualness more, opt for sneakers.

how to wear chinos

When Should You Roll Your Chinos?

Flashing some skin in summer is okay. However, rolling your chinos in winter can also make you appear casually elegant. Women would love to see your ankle and not your calf. So, make sure you’re not cuffing the chinos very high up to your calf. Limit rolling the chinos to three times maximum. Otherwise, you will turn the pants into capris.

How Your Chinos Should Fit?

The days of wide-legged chinos have gone. Nowadays, people prefer to wear well-tailored chinos. For “dad diaper butts”, a close-fitting seat is the best option. Shop for a chino having a medium rise. A chino falling somewhere between the top of the heel and the top of the shoe is perfect. Avoid wearing too ripped chinos as dressing them up or down is challenging.

Some Styling Tips on How to Wear Chinos

a) Get a more fitted style to not to look dowdy.

b) You can wear a fun pattern while dressing casually.

c) Don’t forget to tuck your shirt in if you’re wearing a tie.

d) Olive green chinos can be styled with any neutral staple of your wardrobe.

e) Always fold vertically and then horizontally. Tighten the cuff a bit to get the rolls to stay.

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