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Papaya for Face: Papaya Face Packs for Wrinkles, Skin Pigmentation, and Tanning


Uses of papaya for face are endless. From fighting wrinkles to pigmentation to tanning, this yellow fruit can do magic to give you a clear and flawless skin. The phytochemicals and powerful enzymes in papaya lighten your skin, reduce the blemishes, making your skin look soft and young. Here’re some of the papaya face packs to deal with different skin-related problems.

Papaya Face Mask for Wrinkles 

The lycopene antioxidants in papaya fight the visible signs of aging. Papaya also has vitamin C that prevents skin sagging, reduces wrinkles, and fades fine lines.

1. Ripe Papaya 

Ingredients Needed 

Papaya peel

How to Apply 

• Take the papaya peel and rub it on your face and neck.

• Leave it for 20 minutes.

• Use cold water to rinse it off. 

2. Papaya and Organic Honey 

This pack is suitable for dry skin. Honey has both therapeutic and antimicrobial effects. It hydrates the skin from inside when mixed with papaya and gives you smooth, soft, and supple skin. 

Ingredients Required

• Medium sized ripe papaya: 1

• Raw organic honey: 1 tablespoon 


a) Make a smooth pulp of papaya. 

b) Add 1 tablespoon of raw organic honey to it.

c) Blend it.

How to Apply

• Apply the paste on your skin.

• Using your fingertips, gently massage the pack on your face.

• Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. 

• Rinse it off with water. 

• For best results, use it twice a week. 

3. Papaya with Egg White 

The protein present in the egg helps in boosting the elasticity of the skin. After applying on skin when the egg white dries, the skin naturally feels tight. In this way, egg white tightens the pores and tones the skin. 

Ingredients Required 

• Pieces of ripe papaya: 1/2 cup

• Egg white: 1

Method of Preparation

• Mash the pieces of papaya.

• Whisk the egg white to make it fluffy.

• Mix the whisked egg with mashed papaya and spread it on your face and neck. 

• Wait for 15 minutes. 

Apply it once a week to fight wrinkles.

Note: Avoid if you have allergic reactions to eggs.

Papaya Face Pack for Skin Pigmentation

Papaya helps in removing dead skin cells along with breaking down the inactive proteins. Acts as a natural skin exfoliator. Helps in removing discoloration.

1. Papaya with Honey and Milk 

Honey and milk together lighten the hyper-pigmented skin color.

Ingredients Required 

• Papaya extract: 3 tablespoons 

• Organic honey 

• Milk

How to Apply 

• Take and blend all the ingredients in a bowl. 

• Apply the mask on your face. 

• Allow it to stay for 20 minutes. 

• Rinse off using cold water. 

2. Papaya with Orange 

Orange is well suited for oily skin. It works as a natural astringent which reduces the oil on the face. It also makes the face fresh and healthy. Orange juice and papaya have skin brightening properties. It works well on blemishes, spot reduction, pigmentation, and dullness. This is the best face pack for oily skin. 

Ingredients Required

• Ripe papaya: few pieces 

• Orange: 1/2

How to Apply

• Chop a few pieces of ripe papaya.

• Make a smooth paste.

• Squeeze out the juice of an orange.

• Mix it well and apply it to your face.

• Keep it for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water. 

3. Papaya with Lemon 

Lemon juice exfoliates the dead skin cells. Vitamin C of lemon reduces melanin and lightens skin.

Ingredients Required

Ripe papaya: ½ cup

Lemon juice: 1teaspoon

Honey: 1teaspoon

How to Apply

a) Cut the papaya into small pieces and mash them.

b) Mix lemon juice and honey with it.

c) Apply it on your face and neck.

d) Wait for 15minutes.

e) Use cold water to rinse it off thoroughly.

Do this twice a week to get rid of acne and pigmentation.

Papaya Face Pack for Tanning 

Papaya works as a natural bleaching agent. Hence, its topical application lightens the complexion of your skin. As per the study of The Fit Indian, the papain enzyme in papaya helps in combating suntan and removes blemishes and scars.

1. Papaya with Honey and Kasturi Manjal

Unlike regular turmeric, kasturi manjal or wild turmeric is used for external applications only. Its skin-lightening properties reduce sun tan giving you brighter and glowing skin. When combined with honey and papaya, kasturi manjal goes beyond your expectation. And, you’ll get moisturized and acne-free radiant skin just after a few applications.

Ingredients Required 

• Ripe papaya: 4 cubes to remove skin

• Kasturi manjal or Wild turmeric: 1 tablespoon 

• Honey: 1 tablespoon 

How to Apply 

• Mash the ripe papaya in a bowl.

• Mix 1 tablespoon of ambi haldi powder into it.

• Now add honey to the mixture. 

• Make a thick paste and apply it on your face. 

• Keep it for 20 minutes.

• After 20 minutes wash it off to get glowing skin. 

Note: If you’ve sensitive skin, mix it with milk or yogurt before using.

2. Papaya, Almond Oil, and Aloe Vera 

Almond oil has natural sunscreen properties. It also has the potentiality to lighten your skin. Both these factors together enable it to remove and prevent sunburn. Aloe vera is also effective in treating tan. Not only does aloe vera brighten your skin complexion but also prevent the skin from the harmful UV rays.

Ingredients Required

• Papaya: 1 cup

• Aloe vera gel: 2 tablespoons 

• Almond oil: 1 tablespoon 

How to Apply

• Make a smooth paste of papaya with its skin in a mixture grinder.

• Take 2 tablespoons aloe vera in a bowl.

• Add 1 tablespoon almond oil with aloe vera.

• Now add two tablespoons of smooth papaya and mix all the ingredients together. 

• Clean your face before applying the paste.

• Massage it in circular motion. 

• Your skin will absorb the applied pack within a few minutes.

• Leave it overnight 

• Next morning wash your face with cold water.

Don’t use any face wash or soap immediately after it.

Note: You can store this papaya serum for 10 days in the fridge. 

3. Papaya and Tomato Face Pack 

To reduce tanning, tomato is one of the widely used ingredients in the beauty aisle. It also helps in skin toning and minimizing pores. Tomato has the properties of fighting against skin pigmentation and restores the skin’s natural color. 

Required Ingredients

• Tomato: 1

• Ripe papaya: 4 small cubes 

How to Apply

• Mash the ripe papaya and mix it with the pulp of the tomato. 

• Make a smooth paste.

• Cover your exposed skin, specially face and neck with this face mask. 

• Leave it to dry or give a rest for 20minutes. 

• After 20 minutes, before removing the mask, dampen your hands and pat your face and then gently rub the skin in a circular motion and remove it.  

• Use lukewarm water and rinse it off.

For best results, use this pack two to three times a week.

How to Make the Papaya Face Packs More Effective?

Always apply the papaya face packs to clean skin. Your skin has dirt, oil, and makeup. Hence, use a facial cleanser liberally on your face to get rid of dirt, excess oil, and makeup. Once your face is properly cleansed, apply the face pack to seal in the moisture from the pack.


a) Can you apply papaya on your face daily?

Papaya offers endless benefits to your skin. But, you shouldn’t use any particular face pack daily. We always advise you to use the papaya face packs in moderation. Overuse of any pack will do more harm than good.

b) Can papaya be applied directly?

Papaya is absolutely safe for direct application. Many people apply it directly to cure certain skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, and itching.

c) Is there any side-effects of applying papaya?

 Use only ripe papaya for the face packs. Unripe papayas contain latex. If you use unripe papaya for making the pack, you may suffer from severe allergies and irritation due to the presence of latex.

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